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15 orações para um mundo violento
Em uma época exaurida por tanto sofrimento, como podemos orar?
数以万计的牧师想辞职,但还没有。 这对他们有什么影响?
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A Tale of Two Flocks
How technology is helping pastors meet their congregation’s needs.
數以萬計的牧師想辭職,但還沒有。 這對他們有什麼影響?
Adiós a ‘Roe vs. Wade’: Evangélicos provida celebran el fallo que habían estado esperando
Corte Suprema: El histórico caso del derecho al aborto fue «atrozmente incorrecto y en camino a colisionar con la Constitución desde el día en que se decidió».
Cuando Satanás nos invita a un camino atractivo, nosotros obedecemos a Dios
La humildad es una de las herramientas más eficaces para resistir al diablo.
Cómo debemos responder los cristianos tras la anulación del caso ‘Roe’
Una respuesta fiel a la decisión de la Corte Suprema debe incluir nuevas prácticas de atención y cuidado.
Goodbye Roe v. Wade: Pro-Life Evangelicals Celebrate the Ruling They’ve Waited For
Supreme Court: The landmark abortion-rights case was “egregiously wrong and on a collision course with the Constitution from the day it was decided.”
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 21|15min
Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Stephen Prothero on Culture Wars Now That ‘Roe’ Is Gone
What the overturn may mean for American society.
What Does a Pro-Life Economy Look Like?
Abortion has been a national institution for nearly 50 years. Where should Christians spend their pro-life dollars now?
Christians Fret as Muhammad’s Family Comes Under Fire
Hindu comments on wife Aisha and Shiite film on daughter Fatimah spark protests in India and England.
Pastors, I Think You Should Use ‘I Think’ Less Often
Preaching God’s truth from the pulpit doesn’t require equivocation.
Presbyterian Church in America Leaves National Association of Evangelicals
The PCA has been a part of the NAE since the denomination's founding, but has always fought about it.
Report Backs Abuse Allegations Against Chris Rice
The singer allegedly groomed students at a Kentucky church through back rubs and unaccompanied sleepovers, according to an investigation by GRACE.
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You May Be the Answer to Someone’s Prayer
Food For The Poor is building homes and changing lives.
Viral JesusEpisode 36|45min
Joe Jensen: Discipleship by Screen
How social media is forming and deforming our souls—and what the church should do about it.
These Pastors Fell into Sin. Pro-Life Laws Emerged from It.
Three 19th-century scandals led to the protection of women and their unborn children.
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Original Content from CT Creative Studio
God’s Word Never Changes, but the Way We Read It Does.
In a crumbling economy, with rising inflation and interest rates, countless industries are flailing–but not Bible publishers.
Ketika Gereja Menjadi Mafia
Laporan pelecehan SBC baru-baru ini menunjukkan bahwa gereja-gereja kerap kali cenderung memprioritaskan persatuan dan keamanan kelompoknya ketimbang kebenaran yang dapat “memecah belah.”

Top Story June 27, 2022

Counting the Cost of Paying Ransoms for Missionaries
Counting the Cost of Paying Ransoms for Missionaries
A Haiti kidnapping raises questions about no-payment practices.

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