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The Cautionary Tale of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
Their sins and scandals were extreme, but it’s too easy to dismiss them as an aberration.
Churches No Longer Face Overtime Pay Increase
Does mandated time-and-a-half help or hurt ministries? Experts weigh in.
A Journey Through the Strange, Scary, and Awe-Awakening World of Video Games
What can this medium—even its most violent expressions—teach us about our deepest aches and longings?
The Holy Calling of Wealth Creation Isn't So Simple
Why the latest manifesto about Christians and economics is important, helpful, and woefully one-sided.
Robbing God, Literally: 1 in 10 Protestant Churches Experience Embezzlement
Survey finds 1 in 2 only has enough cash for four months of services.
A Shoplifter’s Search for God
I equated material possessions with happiness, until a high-school mission trip changed my thinking.
What Makes Your Church Your Church?
3 building blocks to help you tell your story.
An Inside Look at China’s Remarkable Religious ResurgenceSubscriber Access Only
Journalist Ian Johnson sees faith on the rise where it was once ruthlessly suppressed.
Farewell, Jesus Junk? Christian Retail Finds a Deeper PurposeSubscriber Access Only
With the closing of Family Christian, stores focus on curation and community involvement.
All 240 Family Christian Stores Are ClosingSubscriber Access Only
More than 3,000 employees in 36 states will be laid off in the liquidation of one of the world’s largest Christian retailers.
How to Support Survivors Without Selling Them OutSubscriber Access Only
A wave of social-good businesses learns to balance priorities.
How to Be at Peace and Get What You Want
Fortune 500 CEO Brad Hewitt’s wisdom for moving past our insatiable cravings.
Investments for the KingdomSubscriber Access Only
Eventide Funds has confounded the investment world with its success—and its biblically based principles.
A Well-Designed Journal Can Change Your Life
Mica May hopes her products make us more joyful, more inspired, and more grateful.
Why Successful Churches Aren’t Turning the World Upside-Down – But the Outcasts Might
Where are the Christian innovators who will put a dangerous passion for Jesus ahead of personal ministry success?
Largest For-Profit Christian College to Open Seminary This FallSubscriber Access Only
Grand Canyon University recently failed to take itself off the market.
Clergy Working Fewer Hours, Getting Paid MoreSubscriber Access Only
Counting the cost is getting easier.
What Will the Church Do When the Freaks and Weirdos Show Up?
The Bible is thick with commands to welcome the stranger. But just how strange are we willing to welcome?
CT Makers: 20 of the Most Creative Christians We KnowSubscriber Access Only
Meet the artists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists using fresh ideas for common good.
Creating for GoodSubscriber Access Only
Our hope isn't simply to solve a perceived problem, but to address deeper causes.
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
Politics remain divisive, but churches seek unity in prayer.
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