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Big Theology for Little KidsSubscriber Access Only
Thanks to catechism, my young ones can tell you a thing or two about justification, salvation, and repentance.
Getting to Know HimSubscriber Access Only
Catechesis at its best is a very personal 'school of faith.'
Learning to Read the Gospel AgainSubscriber Access Only
How to address our anxiety about losing the next generation.
Nurturing Mind and SoulSubscriber Access Only
A systematic beginning for an old cause.
Making Disciples Today: Christianity Today's New Global Gospel ProjectSubscriber Access Only
Introducing the magazine's new five-year teaching venture.
Flunking Pew's Pop QuizSubscriber Access Only
Good thing the Last Judgment is not a round of Final Jeopardy!
Practically TheologicalSubscriber Access Only
How churches are teaching doctrine—and finding eager participants.
The Lost Art Of CatechesisSubscriber Access Only
It's a tried and true way of teaching, among other things, Christian doctrine.
The Mind Under GraceSubscriber Access Only
Why a heady dose of doctrine is crucial to spiritual formation.
Let Me Count the DaysSubscriber Access Only
Cracking the mystery around a popular carol.
Colson the CatechistSubscriber Access Only
A culture warrior sets out to explain Christianity's essential doctrines.
The Gospel TruthSubscriber Access Only
Luther believed that music has the power to teach Christian doctrine. He put this belief into practice with his catechism hymns.
Order in the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Reforming doctrine was just the beginning of a vigorous campaign to restructure Christian life—at church, at home, and in each believer's heart.
Ordinary Saints at First ChurchSubscriber Access Only
It wasn't revivals or eloquent preachers that most influenced pagan society but everyday Christians doing everyday evangelism.
Sunday in Reformed ScotlandSubscriber Access Only
Protestant services were lean and (to some) mean.
Do We Still Need the Reformation? Part 1Subscriber Access Only
New Catechism a BestsellerSubscriber Access Only
After the RevolutionSubscriber Access Only

Top Story August 4, 2020

N. T. Wright: The Pandemic Should Make Us Humble—and Practical
N. T. Wright: The Pandemic Should Make Us Humble—and Relentlessly Practical
We can’t know for sure why it’s happening or how to stop it. But Scripture calls us to grieve with God’s Spirit and get to work serving others.

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