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Jesus Gave Me What Boozing and Brawling Couldn’t
My journey from the criminal underworld to the foot of the cross.
When the Government Bans Chaplains from Execution Chambers
A minister to death-row inmates on bearing witness to a prisoner's final moments.
Even for Christian Combat Veterans, No Easy Answers
What two recent films get right, and what they miss.
Astros Pastor: ‘You’re Playing for the Lord’
The Houston team’s Spanish-speaking minister reflects on faith in the World Series.
Neither Heroes Nor Head-CasesSubscriber Access Only
A better framework for ministering to military members.
Atheists Outnumber Southern Baptists in US MilitarySubscriber Access Only
Yet Southern Baptists still provide by far the most chaplains.
There Are Parables Everywhere You LookSubscriber Access Only
What Chris Hoke’s memoir of ministry to outcasts can teach us about seeing reality in Christ-shaped ways.
Deconversion: Some Thoughts on Bart Campolo’s Departure from Christianity
Bart Campolo's departure from Christianity–some reflections about faith and (our) families.
Would You Share the Gospel with Hitler's Worst Henchmen?Subscriber Access Only
Meet Henry Gerecke, the American chaplain who embodied Christ’s mission to seek the lost, no matter how loathsome.
During Morning Prayer, Chaplain Scolds Senators over Government ShutdownSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Meanwhile, military Communion and outdoor weddings become collateral damage.
The Truth About World War II's True ShepherdsSubscriber Access Only
Chaplains watched over their flocks in the midst of great danger.
Why We Need More 'Chaplains' and Fewer Leaders Subscriber Access Only
What's a pastor for?
Chaplains Watch and Wait after DADT EndsSubscriber Access Only
Some chaplains are more cautious than others as the military lifts the ban on gays and lesbians from serving openly.
Atheists in the Foxholes—as ChaplainsSubscriber Access Only
Why the military's inclusion of non-believing chaplains matters.
Chaplains Under FireSubscriber Access Only
Some Chaplains Plead, Don't Repeal Don't Ask Don't TellSubscriber Access Only
Military policy on gays and lesbians survives one more round.
An Olympic ChaplainSubscriber Access Only
The head Christian chaplain at the Vancouver Olympics draws on years of playing professional hockey in U.S. and Sweden.
Living HistorySubscriber Access Only
Nurturing the LivingSubscriber Access Only
The Army chaplain shortage is less about low numbers than about redefining what chaplains are for.
Not Just ChaplainsSubscriber Access Only
Parachurch organizations are filling in the gaps through ministry to troops and their families.
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
World Vision Flips the Script on Child Sponsorship
In the ministry’s first major innovation in seven decades, the children now do the choosing.
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