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How to Tell the Difference Between a Prophet and a CrankSubscriber Access Only
Truly biblical prophecy strengthens the church—without adding anything to the Bible.
Susannah Spurgeon Lived for Christ Without Leaving Her Home
Her behind-the-scenes ministry reminds us that pastors (and their spouses) can’t be reduced to a package of roles and gifts.
Charles Spurgeon
Finest nineteenth-century preacher
Spurgeon on JabezSubscriber Access Only
What history's most prolific preacher said, in 1871, about the Prayer of Jabez.
Spurgeon's EpiphanySubscriber Access Only
The event he recounted more than 280 times in his sermons first occurred on January 6, 1850.
1854: Three Voices Wake a Sleeping ChurchSubscriber Access Only
The year Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon, and Sören Kierkegaard launched ministries that would shake their churches to the core.
The Life & Times of Charles H. SpurgeonSubscriber Access Only
He was the quintessential Victorian Englishman, yet his masterful preaching astonished his era—and lives long beyond it.
Charles H. Spurgeon: Did You Know?Subscriber Access Only
A collection of true and unusual facts about Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Sayings of SpurgeonSubscriber Access Only
A sampling of his wisdom and wit
The Secrets of Spurgeon's PreachingSubscriber Access Only
Why would thousands come to hear him speak?
Compel Them to Come InSubscriber Access Only
An earnest evangelistic appeal from the Prince of Preachers
The Anguish and Agonies of Charles SpurgeonSubscriber Access Only
Debilitating gout, poisonous slander, recurring depression—Spurgeon suffered them all. What happened to his faith as a result?
Spurgeon's ConversionSubscriber Access Only
The story he told over 280 times in his sermons
What Did Spurgeon Believe?Subscriber Access Only
He insisted on thinking through his theology for himself—and often found himself out of step with his age.
The Down-Grade ControversySubscriber Access Only
What caused Spurgeon to start the most bitter fight of his life?
Charles Spurgeon and the Case for Child CareSubscriber Access Only
Spurgeon’s vision for needs-based care still persists today.
Charles H. Spurgeon: A Gallery of Famous FriendsSubscriber Access Only
Eric W. Hayden, formerly minister at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, is the author of numerous books on Spurgeon, including Searchlight on Spurgeon (Pilgrim, 1973).
The Political ForceSubscriber Access Only
Spurgeon often got in the middle of hot national issues.
Spurgeon's CollegeSubscriber Access Only
His innovative school for training pastors continues nearly 150 years later.
Top Story July 15, 2019
Who Needs Those TPS Reports? Venezuelan Christians
Who Needs Those TPS Reports? Venezuelan Christians
Churches benefit when the US government shows mercy to groups versus individuals.
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