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After Seminary Shutdowns, Russia Enacts Ministry Training Regulations
New law puts additional requirements on any religious leader who was trained abroad.
Ravi Zacharias’s Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Exit appears to mark end of internal struggle over RZIM culture review.
Reformed Church in America Reorganizes Due to LGBT Divides
As more conservative congregations leave, the small but historic denomination may group by affinity over geography.
Egypt’s President Promotes Religious Choice During Human Rights Rollout
Some Copts cheer Sisi’s stance and new five-year reform strategy, while others focus on absence of attention to problematic ID cards and reconciliation committees.
The Single Person’s Catechism
21 questions and answers to help the unmarried Christian develop a theology of singleness.
Bahkan di Masa Krisis, Belajar Tidaklah Pernah Sia-sia
COVID-19 bukanlah alasan untuk mengabaikan panggilan Tuhan untuk belajar.
17 Haiti Missionaries Kidnapped by Gang After Visiting Orphanage
(UPDATED) Ohio-based Christian Aid Ministries is praying members of 400 Mawozo would come to repentance and release 16 American and one Canadian adults and children.
Blog Forum | PivotEpisode 15|46 min
Intentional Interim Pastors with Tom Harris (EP 15)
Karl Vaters talks with Tom Harris, the co-author of Soaring Between Pastors: 8 Actions to Thrive During a Pastoral Transition. Tom also serves as the president of IPM (Interim Pastor Ministries).
一些不良的属灵领袖们用话语宣告基督,却用生活否定祂。 以下是我们可以从他们的失败中汲取的教训。
一些不良的屬靈領袖們用話語宣告基督,卻用生活否定祂。 以下是我們可以從他們的失敗中汲取的教訓。
Tom Brown, un héros ?
En détruisant la création de Dieu, nous nous privons de son appel à l’adoration.
Vaccine Campaign at Zimbabwe Churches Praises What’s Done in Secret
Christian health workers and pastors navigate stigma at Apostolic, evangelical, and Methodist congregations.
Most Americans Feel Safe Going Back to Church, Pew Reports
Plus, regular attendees trust their pastor’s vaccine advice more than almost any other source.
The Costly Gospel That Keeps Christian Pilots Flying to the Ends of the Earth
Q&A with Mission Aviation Fellowship President David Holsten on the challenges of reaching the most isolated villages in the world.
Quick To ListenEpisode 284|56 min
What ‘Ted Lasso’ Understands About Redemption
A new show villain doesn’t just serve next season’s drama. It raises questions about how we view transformation and love.
When Your Job Is Delivering Food to One of the World’s Most Dangerous Places
For World Food Day 2021, a World Vision staffer working in South Sudan describes his hardest deployment yet.
Ronnie Floyd Resigns from SBC Executive Committee
The EC president and CEO says he “will not and cannot” lead after its vote to waive attorney-client privilege.
Viral JesusEpisode 13|34 min
Erin Moon: Spanx, Bible Binges, and the Beauty of Instagram Community
Meet Erin Hicks Moon—a Bible scholar, podcaster, and social media whiz who wants to help the church be kinder and more curious.

Top Story October 19, 2021

Ravi Zacharias’s Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Ravi Zacharias’s Daughter Steps Down to Launch New Ministry
Exit appears to mark end of internal struggle over RZIM culture review.

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