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Layla de la Garza, cantante de música cristiana, habla acerca del poder de la “teología cantada”
A pesar de los estereotipos, podemos demostrar que la alabanza moderna puede mantenerse fiel a la autoridad de las Escrituras y a la verdad del Evangelio.
Nine Years, 782,000 Words Later, South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible
Caroline Campbell’s project aims to inspire Christians to learn Scripture and see disabilities as a gift to the church.
‘They Cannot Burn Jesus Out of Me’: Mozambique Pastors Minister to Survivors of Violent Insurgency
Despite the risks in the region, Christians are flocking to camps and targeted villages to provide resources and spiritual care.
PodcastEpisode 20
How Do You Sustain Hope in the Midst of This Work?
We asked every one of our podcast guests this question. Here are their answers
Los críticos de Simone Biles pasan por alto la historia completa del abuso corporal
Algunos ven a la gimnasta olímpica como una atleta egoísta. Pero su salida de la competencia es un modelo de cómo honrar en lugar de despreciar nuestros cuerpos.
Celebramos a estos atletas olímpicos cristianos de diferentes partes del mundo
Conozca a los hombres y mujeres que priorizan su fe mientras compiten en los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020.
Mexican Worship Leader Layla de la Garza on the Power of ‘Sung Theology’
Despite the lingering stereotypes, the Monterrey-based singer and minister set out to prove contemporary worship services can hold to the authority of Scripture.
Penelitian: Pemahaman Alkitab yang Membahas tentang Trauma Mengurangi Depresi, Kecemasan, dan Kemarahan
Penelitian di penjara Virginia dapat membantu gereja mengatasi dampak emosional dari pandemi.
Beth Moore Menginspirasi Banyak Wanita dari Kalangan Baptis Selatan. Mereka Tidak Menyalahkan Dia atas Kepergiannya.
Rekan-rekan pemimpin wanita dari SBC berdoa agar kepergiannya memimpin pada semacam pencarian jiwa dalam denominasi yang terpecah.
一位韩国牧师催生了世界上最大的慈善机构。 他为何从历史中消失了?
一位韓國牧師催生了世界上最大的慈善機構。 他為何從歷史中消失了?
Os críticos de Simone Biles não reconhecem sua história de abuso físico
Alguns veem a ginasta olímpica como uma atleta que só pensa em si mesma. Mas sua saída da competição é um exemplo de como honrar nosso corpo, em vez de desprezá-lo.
Biden Names First Muslim Religious Freedom Ambassador
(UPDATED) 12 Christian IRF advocates praise Rashad Hussain, Obama’s OIC envoy, for his credentials and credibility. Two USCIRF commissioners and antisemitism envoy also named.
Died: H. Eddie Fox, Who Urged Methodists to Share Their Faith
The ministry leader believed declining US churches could be revitalized by hearing Wesleyans “with a different accent.”
This Land Is Your Land, Say More Churches in Canada Than in US
CRC congregations weigh land acknowledgements amid rising awareness of indigenous injustices on both sides of the border.
Quick To ListenEpisode 275|1 hr 2 min
Before Simone Biles Becomes Christians’ Next Sports Metaphor
Does our discussion of the gymnast’s mental struggles convey a biblical sense of mind and body?
How Do I Love My Friends Who Are Slow About Moving into a New Normal?
The key is love.
更多的福音派信徒在婚前住在一起, 教会领袖们很难做出回应。
L’éclatement de l'âme évangélique
Pourquoi nous divisons-nous, et comment nous retrouver ?
更多的福音派信徒在婚前住在一起, 教會領袖們很難做出回應。

Top Story August 2, 2021

Patrons’ Saints: Christians Turn to Patreon, Substack, and Kickstarter
Patrons’ Saints: Christians Turn to Patreon, Substack, and Kickstarter
As more evangelical figures embrace crowdfunding, is the format demanding too much of them?

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