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Can You Be Both a Micro Church and a Large Church at the Same Time?
Rethinking the downward structure of church in a global pandemic.
The Majority of American Megachurches Are Now Multiracial
‘The most segregated hour of the week’ isn’t as segregated as it used to be, study finds.
Calvary Baptist Church and Worship in New York City in a Pandemic
Despite the challenges of COVID-19, Calvary Baptist Church has learned how to worship together in New York City
No n'hi ha prou amb emetre un culte online. Les esglésies necessiten fomentar la comunitat.
Què poden aprendre els pastors de la davallada d'assistència online?
COVID-19 Bringing Christmas Changes to Many Americans
New LifeWay Research explores what a COVID-19 Christmas will mean for Americans.
US Megachurches Are Getting Bigger and Thinking Smaller
Church growth has corresponded with a huge jump in multisite locations and deeper engagement in small groups.
Few Churches Back to Pre-COVID Attendance
Churches are re-opening, but not everyone is returning, according to LifeWay Research.
Capitol Hill Baptist DC Ruling
A favorable ruling for a church gathering
Court: Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Can Resume DC Worship
(UPDATED) Citing Hebrews 10:25, injunction issued Friday defends church’s right to meet together in person rather than mayor’s suggested online alternatives.
Não basta transmitir cultos on-line. As igrejas precisam promover o senso de comunidade.
O que os pastores podem aprender com a queda na frequência aos cultos on-line.
The DC Mayor Doesn’t Get to Define Church
Why Capitol Hill Baptist is standing by the physical gathering as a biblical requirement.
The Legacy of Willow Creek 5
Competing to be the "best" church
No es suficiente transmitir los servicios en línea. Las iglesias necesitan fomentar comunidad.
Lo que los pastores pueden aprender de la disminución del número de asistentes a los servicios en línea.
Churches and the Vulnerable in the Time of COVID-19
Churches may be re-opening for some, but they remain inaccessible to our most at-risk.
It’s Not Enough to Broadcast a Service. Churches Need to Foster Community.
What pastors can learn from plummeting online attendance.
Sex Offenders Can Find Hope in Christ But Not Necessarily a Place at Church
Most Christians believe offenders belong at worship. Most congregations aren’t prepared to welcome them.
Bible Reading Drops During Social Distancing
Daily engagement had already been declining, but worsened during the pandemic, according to the annual State of the Bible report.
Finding a Path Through the Legal Maze of Church Reopening
Expert insights on legal and liability issues
More Pastors Agree With Andy Stanley: No Worship Services Until 2021
Now 5 percent of church leaders say they don’t expect to reopen for the rest of the year.

Top Story January 22, 2021

The Pro-Life Project Has a Playbook: Racial Justice History
The Pro-Life Project Has a Playbook: Racial Justice History
The anti-racism campaign is a model for the anti-abortion movement.

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