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주일 예배가 금지되었을 때 ‘원격’신앙을 키우는 방법
우리가 떨어져 있는 동안 교회에 함께 참여하는 5가지 방법
Ketika Saya Dilarang Menghadiri Gereja, Saya Belajar Menumbuhkan Iman 'di Kejauhan'
5 pelajaran untuk ber-gereja bersama di saat kita tinggal terpisah.
Aprendi a cultivar uma fé 'remota' quando fui proibida de frequentar a igreja
Cinco lições para ser igreja, juntos, enquanto vivemos separados.
6 Ways to Shepherd When You Can’t See the Sheep
In the wake of our pandemic, many godly shepherds are now faced with the daunting challenge of shepherding from a distance.
When I Was Forbidden to Attend Church, I Learned to Cultivate a ‘Remote’ Faith
5 lessons for doing church together while we live apart.
O Que os Acadêmicos Céticos Admitem Sobre as Aparições de Jesus Após a Ressurreição
A evidência histórica é clara: aqueles que afirmaram vê-lo ressuscitado devem ter visto alguma coisa.
What Skeptical Scholars Admit about the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus
The historical evidence is clear: Those who claimed to see him risen must have seen something.
Ten Things Your Church Should Have in Place Right Now
What are the most urgent things we can be doing as the church is scattered?
How Early Christians Handled Their ‘COVID-19’
Those in the early church faced two life-threatening epidemics within its first 200 years.
In Quarantine: What We Can Learn from the Early Church
God calls the church for times just like the one we are living in.
Is It All About the Weekend? Not Now, and Should Not Have Ever Been
Customer-centric Sunday experiences have weakened the church— Coronavirus is pushing us to a better way.
The CARES Act & Your Church Staff: What You Need to Know & 4 Steps to Take Now
The new stimulus bill includes churches and has implication for church staff. Please learn more before making any staff decisions.
Black and Latino Church Planters Hit Hard by Coronavirus Shutdown
Because their congregations are less established, they risk losing significant momentum and funding.
Ways Churches Are Stepping Up During the COVID-19 Crisis
Churches are asking what they can do during a time of social distancing. We gathered examples from actual churches already engaged.
Churches Reconsider Drive-In Worship
Faced with COVID-19 quarantines and new rules for social distancing, some pastors are serious about reviving the 1950s fad.
A Different Harvest
Harvesting requires intentional investment with those who, often on the surface, have no interest in the good news of Jesus, or at least in the cultural assumptions they have about Him and His church.
Moving from a Country Club to a Commissioned Church, Part 2
True church growth transfers people from the domain of darkness into the glorious light of Christ.
Should Church Planting Be Done Through People or Through Churches?
In today’s churches, we place more of an emphasis on church planting through people than we do church planting through churches.
Your Church Needs Boomers
How a hyper-focus on “attracting the young” can sideline the aging faithful.
How Much Does The Pastor's Personality Affect Church Growth Or Size? (Survey)
Can you take this short survey to help us understand more about small churches and their leaders?

Top Story August 15, 2020

Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Here are a few lines to pray before swiping left or right.

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