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When Will Churches Be Back? Vital Information for Churches and Christian Leaders
A brief overview of Ed Stetzer's interview with Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health
His Eye Is on the Pastors
God sees and watches (as do others), which is both a comfort and a caution as pastors navigate their calling.
How’s the COVID-19 Dance Going 10 Months into the Pandemic?
We must continue to innovate and persevere through the ongoing pandemic.
Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Three decades after the Danvers Statement articulated clear gender roles, its application still causes tension.
The Celebrity Pastor Problem Is Every Church’s Struggle
How our ministry policies and practices can push back against entitlement.
20 Questions for the Churches in Africa
Conrad Mbewe, a Zambian pastor, asks them in his book. But there are others worth considering.
Institutionalism: Good or Bad for the Church?
Institutions been part of Christianity from Jesus On
저는 목사의 아내였고 남편의 자살로 인해 미망인이 되었습니다
남편의 비극적인 죽음 이후 정신 건강과 사역에 대해 배운 점
De qué modo las iglesias enaltecen y protegen a los pastores abusivos
Una psicóloga explora las dinámicas de poder que ayudan a convertir a los pastores en lobos
Saya Adalah Seorang Istri Pendeta. Bunuh Diri Membuat Saya Menjadi Janda dari Seorang Pendeta.
Apa yang saya pelajari tentang kesehatan mental dan pelayanan setelah kematian tragis suami saya.
How Churches Elevate and Protect Abusive Pastors
A psychologist explores the power dynamics that help turn shepherds into wolves.
¿Afligido por pérdidas en su ministerio? No está solo.
Personajes bíblicos como Jeremías y Baruc nos dan un ejemplo de liderazgo fiel aún en medio de la decepción.
我曾是牧师的妻子, 自杀使我成为牧师的遗孀。
在丈夫不幸去世后, 我对心理健康和相关事工的了解。
我曾是牧師的妻子, 自殺使我成為牧師的遺孀。
在丈夫不幸去世后, 我對心理健康和相關事工的瞭解。
Reopening Your Church Ministry: Reset, Reconnect, and Reignite
Now is the right time to plan the next few years of your church's ministry.
Quando pastores e congregações discordam sobre a reabertura da igreja
A submissão aos pastores em meio a uma pandemia: A quem os cristãos devem ouvir quando seguir Romanos 13 e Hebreus 13 parecer conflitante?
Yo era la esposa de un pastor. El suicidio me hizo viuda.
Lo que aprendí sobre la salud mental y el ministerio después de la trágica muerte de mi esposo.
Eu era esposa de pastor. O suicídio fez de mim uma viúva de pastor.
O que aprendi sobre saúde mental e ministério, após a trágica morte de meu marido.
Sofrendo a perda do ministério? Você não está sozinho.
Exemplos bíblicos, como Baruque e Jeremias, demonstram liderança fiel em meio à decepção.
Leading From A Healthy Soul
Resilient Church Leadership invites you to join us in rest and reflection.

Top Story January 16, 2021

March for Life Plans Disrupted by DC Security Concerns
March for Life Plans Disrupted by DC Security Concerns
The annual event is asking participants to “stay home” for the first time since Roe v. Wade.

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