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Is The Coronavirus Evidence of a Creation in Freefall?
How does theology explain a pandemic? Basic biology, human sin, or the Devil?
Pourquoi nous ?
Un pasteur Français réfléchit sur la foi et la providence suite à une conférence église transformée en un evenement spectaculaire de propagation du virus.
Fewer International Students at Christian Colleges
COVID-19 causes decline, hurting CCCU campuses.
Not Alone: Pastoral Leadership in a Fragmented World
Leading through challenging circumstances does not mean leading in isolation.
As a Pandemic Parent, God Calls Me to This Loud and Lonely Life
I have a legitimate need for monastic silence. But that need is also a serious temptation.
Shifting the Church: Adapting to New Church Models
The simple church model may no longer be effective in our new reality.
No Pandemic Pause in Persecution, Says Poland Ministerial
Third annual conference to promote international religious freedom, held virtually, highlights how governments have exploited COVID-19.
Charities Adapt to Save Christmas from COVID-19
Nonprofits are offering churches more ways to give during a season with fewer in-person gatherings.
Christians Ready to Help COVID-19 Vaccine Go to Neediest First
Medical experts prep for ethical distribution, while some church leaders preach against misinformation.
Spiritual Formation as COVID-19 Gets More Depressing
How to seek transformation when you’re burned out by the pandemic.
‘Water on a Stone’: UN Expert on the Hard Work of Religious Freedom
Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed on the impact of COVID-19 and Trump, the right to religious conversion, and implementing Muslim declarations.
Assessing Metropolitan Amfilohije, Whose Religious Freedom Fight Brought Down a Dynasty
An evangelical reflection on the legacy of Montenegro’s Orthodox leader, the highest-ranking clergy worldwide to die of COVID-19.
對教會聚會的限制令人不安,有時甚至不合法。 但美國的基督徒們請不要把這些事和“迫害”連在一起。
对教会聚会的限制令人不安,有时甚至不合法。 但美国的基督徒们请不要把这些事和“迫害”连在一起。
The Ministry Must Go On: A Personal Call to Action for Churches
It’s time to push forward in new and creative ways in children's ministry.
Aprendizaje y creatividad: Llamado de Dios aun en tiempos de crisis
La pandemia no es excusa para descuidar el llamado de Dios a estudiar y aprender.
Confronting the Darkness in a Year Full of Death
Making sense of a year where millions have lost loved ones to a virus.
Generosity During COVID-19
How do we care for the most vulnerable during COVID-19?
Penutupan Gereja Karena Coronavirus Bukan Penganiayaan
Pembatasan dalam beribadah mengganggu dan, dalam beberapa kasus, ilegal. Tetapi orang Kristen Amerika harus melindungi intensitas dan kebenaran istilah tersebut.
Few Churches Back to Pre-COVID Attendance
Churches are re-opening, but not everyone is returning, according to LifeWay Research.

Top Story November 23, 2020

For Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Was a Way of Life
For Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Was a Way of Life
The commemoration we recognize each year came out of a deep view of providence and everyday gratitude to God.

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