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Lift Your Eyes Up
In a time of pandemic and panic, it's more important than ever to govern our powers of attention.
Mais 20 Orações Para Fazer ao Nos Aproximarmos do Pico da Pandemia
Clamar a Deus ainda é a melhor resposta a essa crise.
A Major Seminary Just Shut Down Its Biblical Archaeology Program
What’s next for Christian Near-East excavators after Southwestern’s announcement and the onset of COVID-19?
On Christians Spreading Corona Conspiracies: Gullibility is not a Spiritual Gift
As followers of Jesus, we are people of the truth. Falling for (and spreading) conspiracy theories does not honor the Lord, but it does cause people to question our judgment.
20 More Prayers to Pray as We Approach the Pandemic’s Peak
Petitioning God is still the most powerful way to respond in crisis.
Ministry Leaders to ICE: Release Immigrants and Let Churches Help
As coronavirus shutdowns go on, Christian groups are rallying support for asylum seekers, crowded border camps, and working-class churches.
Easter Was the Bible App’s Biggest Day Ever
During the locked-down holiday, 40.6 million people read Scripture on the popular app.
Here’s Why You Should Take the CARES Act: One-on-One with Marco Rubio
In a catastrophe like this, where literally no community in the country is unaffected, we wanted to make sure we took care of workers across various sectors.
Resurrection Hope Extends Beyond Easter Sunday
Even when death looms, the Good News remains.
Who Is My COVID-19 Neighbor?
The only way to beat the coronavirus in the US is to beat it everywhere. Can we really save the whole world?
Criminal Minds, the Story of Easter, and the Critical Role of God’s People
Today, maybe more so than in a long time, people are looking for answers; people are looking for hope; people are looking for a savior.
Easter Fear Is Natural
Jesus’ unnatural resurrection helps us fear not.
부활절이 두려운 것은 당연한 일입니다
예수 그리스도의 부활을 두려워하지 않도록 그가 도우십니다
부활은 상징이 아닙니다. 사실입니다.
빈 무덤은 하나님의 사랑이 죽음을 이긴 증거입니다. 이 진실은 우리와 무관하게 변하지 않습니다.
Alone on a Friday: Isolation, Identify, and the Forsaken Savior of the World
If being alone during this pandemic is especially hard, look to the One who experienced loneliness at a level we never will precisely because he faced what he did for us on the cross.
20 Prières Pour Prier Pendant Cette Pandémie
Alors que le COVID-19 suscite une crise dans le monde entier, il nous met également à genoux.
The Holy Fire Must Go On
As one of Jerusalem’s most ancient Christian celebrations is threatened by COVID-19, a brother-sister filmmaking team helps viewers experience the “Narnia” of their missionary-kid youth.
코로나19, 싱가포르 교회로부터 배우는 7가지 교훈
이 전염병을 우리 교회는 어떻게 이겨내고, 더 나아가, 더욱 성장할 수 있을까? “아시아의 안디옥” 교회가 그들의 경험과 조언을 우리에게 들려준다.
Undeterred by an Outbreak
How missionaries and local medical professionals fought a pandemic in this Western African nation.

Top Story November 24, 2020

She Knew She Was Called to Serve. Then COVID-19 Came.
She Knew She Was Called to Serve. Then COVID-19 Came.
Aboard a Mercy Ship, a kindergarten teacher asked, “Should I stay or should I go?”

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