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The Church, the Vulnerable, and Responding Well to the Coronavirus
A church in search of the vulnerable and isolated is an irresistible force for good and a worthy witness to the grace of God.
COVID-19 Forces Hundreds of Bible Study Fellowship Classes Online
From Singapore to Seattle, the traditionally internet-shy ministry has moved 35,000 BSF participants to videoconferencing amid the coronavirus pandemic.
This Is My Body, Prepackaged for You
Coronavirus sparks demand for double-sealed communion.
Should Your Church Stop Meeting to Slow COVID-19? How 3 Seattle Churches Decided.
A global health expert offers tools for your congregation to respond now.
7 Lessons from Singapore’s Churches for When the Coronavirus Reaches Yours
Advice from Christians in the “Antioch of Asia” on how your congregation can survive—and thrive—amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
7 Lições das Igrejas de Singapura Para Quando o Coronavírus Chegar
Conselhos dos cristãos na “Antioquia da Ásia” sobre como sua congregação pode sobreviver—e prosperar—em meio ao surto de COVID-19.
7 Lecciones que nos da la iglesia de Singapur para cuando el coronavirus nos alcance
Consejos de cristianos en la “Antioquía de Asia” sobre cómo su congregación puede sobrevivir (y prosperar) en medio del brote de COVID-19.
전염병을 피하려 한다면 그것은 믿음 없는 행동일까? 마르틴 루터가 우리에게 주는 교훈
16세기 종교개혁가의 흑사병에 대한 성찰이 오늘 나와 같은 의학도에게, 그리고 코로나바이러스에 직면한 중국과 전 세계의 그리스도인들에게 방향을 제시해 줄 수 있다.
In Seoul, Coronavirus Forced Me to Give Up Community for Lent
Christians feel the cravings of the season even more acutely amid the outbreak.
¿Se considera fidelidad huir de una epidemia? Lo que Martín Lutero nos enseña acerca del coronavirus
La reflexión pastoral del reformador alemán sobre la Peste Negra, puede guiar a estudiantes de medicina, como yo, y a cristianos en China, o en cualquier lugar donde el virus de Wuhan se ha esparcido.
Craig Groeschel Quarantined After Coronavirus Exposure at Willow Creek Germany
He and fellow Life.Church pastor Bobby Gruenewald are spending 14 days isolated at home after the leadership summit ended early.
Estamos Sendo Fiéis ao Fugir de uma Epidemia? O que Martinho Lutero nos Ensina Sobre o Coronavírus
Uma reflexão pastoral sobre epidemias, escrita pelo reformador alemão, pode orientar estudantes de medicina como eu e cristãos na China — e em todos os lugares por onde o vírus tem se espalhado.
Korean Churches Close for First Time as Coronavirus Cases Hit 3,700
(UPDATED) More than 1 million ask government to ban Shincheonji, an apocalyptic Christian sect linked to half of infections.
Chinese American Churches on the Frontlines of Coronavirus Vigilance
Attendance has dropped as much as 50 percent this year.
500 of Korea’s 1,000 Coronavirus Cases Tied to Shincheonji Church
(UPDATED) COVID-19 outbreak prompts 750,000 to petition South Korean president to outlaw apocalyptic movement deemed a cult by Christian leaders.
Coronavirus Fears Mean We Need More Communion, Not Less
A pastor and former CDC medical officer considers the outbreak’s real threats to churches.
It Doesn’t Matter If the Coronavirus Whistleblower Was a Christian
There’s little evidence of the Wuhan doctor's faith. The church has something to learn from his life anyway.
What Martin Luther Teaches Us About Coronavirus
Is it faithful to flee an epidemic? German reformer’s reflection on the plague can guide Christians in China and everywhere the virus has spread.

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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