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¿Afligido por pérdidas en su ministerio? No está solo.
Personajes bíblicos como Jeremías y Baruc nos dan un ejemplo de liderazgo fiel aún en medio de la decepción.
Court: Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Can Resume DC Worship
(UPDATED) Citing Hebrews 10:25, injunction issued Friday defends church’s right to meet together in person rather than mayor’s suggested online alternatives.
Não basta transmitir cultos on-line. As igrejas precisam promover o senso de comunidade.
O que os pastores podem aprender com a queda na frequência aos cultos on-line.
The DC Mayor Doesn’t Get to Define Church
Why Capitol Hill Baptist is standing by the physical gathering as a biblical requirement.
No es suficiente transmitir los servicios en línea. Las iglesias necesitan fomentar comunidad.
Lo que los pastores pueden aprender de la disminución del número de asistentes a los servicios en línea.
When Those in Power Get Sick
Do Old Testament stories about kings’ illnesses help us understand COVID-19 in the White House?
Coronavirus Church Closures Are Not Persecution
Restrictions on worship are unsettling and, in some cases, illegal. But American Christians must protect the intensity and veracity of the term.
The Pandemic Sent Thousands of Orphans Back to Their Families. Let’s Keep Them There.
The coronavirus outbreak will be either the worst or the best thing to happen to the world’s institutionalized children. It’s our choice.
Quando pastores e congregações discordam sobre a reabertura da igreja
A submissão aos pastores em meio a uma pandemia: A quem os cristãos devem ouvir quando seguir Romanos 13 e Hebreus 13 parecer conflitante?
Cultural Considerations in the COVID-19 Crucible
Understanding the effects of COVID-19 across cultural lines.
COVID-19疫情終結了“心靈伴侶” 的婚姻模式, 這是個好消息。
Greg Laurie Tests Positive for COVID-19, Warns Against Blaming White House
The pastor and evangelical adviser says he doesn’t know if he was infected at last week’s event.
I Can Pray Heartily for the President and Still Hold Him Accountable
How Trump’s illness has (and hasn’t) changed the way I intercede for leaders.
Missional Fatigue: Fuel for When We’re Running on Empty
Sometimes how you're resting is more important than what you're doing.
Christians Call for Prayer After Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19
Leaders urge Americans to “put aside partisan politics” and pray in the spirit of 1 Timothy 2.
Sofrendo a perda do ministério? Você não está sozinho.
Exemplos bíblicos, como Baruque e Jeremias, demonstram liderança fiel em meio à decepção.
Eritrea Frees Evangelical Prisoners Due to COVID-19
Dozens of persecuted believers released on bail. But hundreds reportedly remain imprisoned in the “North Korea of Africa.”
Atlases No More: Parenting During the COVID-19 Crucible
How to lead your family well through times of transition.
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
There are four marks of wounded healers.

Top Story November 24, 2020

She Knew She Was Called to Serve. Then COVID-19 Came.
She Knew She Was Called to Serve. Then COVID-19 Came.
Aboard a Mercy Ship, a kindergarten teacher asked, “Should I stay or should I go?”

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