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The March for Science Is Willing to Get Political. But Will It Welcome Religion?
How evangelical scientists square their place in the global movement.
My Encounter with Ken Ham's Giant Ark
A four-hour visit to the massive replica of Noah's boat left me with a flood of questions.
Taking Creative Liberties With CreationSubscriber Access Only
Does Wm. Paul Young’s Eve go too far?
Arguments for the Creator Point to Inconsistent Worldviews
Both Christians and non-Christians see evidence for a Creator. How does this belief affect our lives?
Weekend Edition: October 9, 2015
Pope Francis Paradoxes, ethics for church leadership, and more.
The Lost World of Adam and EveSubscriber Access Only
Old Testament scholar John Walton affirms a historical Adam—but says there are far more important dimensions to Genesis.
Reading Genesis, Red in Tooth and ClawSubscriber Access Only
Ronald Osborn launches an assault on overly literal understandings of the creation story.
Bryan College Faculty Vote 'No Confidence' in President over Adam and EveSubscriber Access Only
Trustees defend decision to clarify belief statement. BioLogos: '[We] certainly did not intend to stir up controversy.'
Morning Roundup 2/6/14
Joni Eareckson Tada and the Oscars; Who Owns the Pastor's Sermons?; Creation Debate
Americans and the Creation v. Evolution Debate
Tonight, Ken Ham and Bill Nye will debate about the origins of life. What do Americans think about the beginning?
Do Celebrity Debates Help Christian Persuasion?Subscriber Access Only
Ken Ham and Bill Nye will debate creationism. Experts discuss whether such debates are helpful.
Rethinking the Origins DebateSubscriber Access Only
Most Americans—and most Christians—do not fall neatly into creationist or evolutionist camps.
Where Did We Come From?Subscriber Access Only
How Milton, Paley, and Darwin help us answer the question.
A New Creation StorySubscriber Access Only
Why do more homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks?
God Did ItSubscriber Access Only
But I don't know exactly how the world was created.
Infographic: America's View on Evolution and CreationismSubscriber Access Only
What the breakdown of opinions looks like.
The Evolution of the Debate: Divided on OriginsSubscriber Access Only
We haven't always been this way.
A Tale of Two Scientists: What Really Happened 'In the Beginning'Subscriber Access Only
How two evangelicals—one a young-earth creationist, the other an evolutionary creationist—have lived out their faith and professions.
Evangelical Evolutionists Meet in New YorkSubscriber Access Only
N. T. Wright, Tim Keller, John Ortberg among Biologos conference attendees.
Storming Young-Earth CreationismSubscriber Access Only
But is Genesis 1 the only text at issue?
Top Story July 18, 2019
Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
Moonshot: What Barth, Tillich, and Tozer Thought of the Space Age
CT’s 1958 interview provides some bearing on today's missions to the sun, Mars and beyond.
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