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What Can Kids Draw from the Chess Cheating Controversy?
As chess champion Magnus Carlsen accuses an American grandmaster, coaches are trying to develop a virtuous love of the game in young players.
Cuando el español deja de ser la ‘lengua del corazón’ de los hispanos de EE. UU.
Al ministrar a los hispanos nacidos en EE. UU., pastores y líderes afirman que la prioridad de la iglesia debe ser la formación espiritual sobre el aprendizaje del idioma.
Should Hispanic Churches in the US Preserve Spanish in Their Services?
Worship flows in the language of your heart.
Who Goes First?
O nacionalismo cristão não é capaz de salvar o mundo
Não se deixe enganar pelo secularismo disfarçado de uma espécie de Grande Comissão.
Self-Proclaimed Messiahs and Other Southeast Asian Heresies
Misconceptions about the Trinity and the exclusivity of Christ prevail.
Loretta Lynn: A Coal Miner’s Daughter in the #MeToo Age
The late country music star modeled what church leaders need: A bold willingness to stand up for women.
Theology in the Grit
On Developing a Theology that Can Stand the Tests of Life
Viral JesusEpisode 45|53min
Seth Day: I’ll See You Tomorrow
Lately it’s easier to “cancel” relationships rather than work on them. Here’s how to keep showing up for one another—even when we feel like walking away.
Equip and Empower Your Church to Respond to Mental Health Issues
A free virtual event offers education, resources, and strategies for both church staff and volunteers.
The Desolation Dinners
On Balms and Bandages After Betrayal
Tangible Reality
On Finding the Healing Place of God
Dark Chocolate at Midnight
On Trials as the Food of Faith
On Hermeneutics and Poetry
On Developing a Poetic Hermeneutic as a Cambridge Student
Warring Ideals
On W.E.B. Du Bois and Professional Code Switching
Bienaventurados los que lamentan el suicidio
Cuidar de las personas que pasan por un dolor profundo requiere una sólida teología del sufrimiento.
My Mirrorball Years
On the Displacement & Dreams of Young Millennialism
A Somebody with a Body
On Flannery O’Connor, Andy Warhol & the Incarnation
Sexual Sacrament
On Sex & Communion
Of Art and Age
On Grasping Art that Feels Too Lofty

Top Story October 7, 2022

Moral Middle Candidates Want to Save America (But They Keep Losing)
Moral Middle Candidates Want to Save America (But They Keep Losing)
Christians concerned about division, disinformation, and democratic norms are straining to reestablish the political center.

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