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Closer than Ever to the Breath of GodSubscriber Access Only
Why Protestants are especially fascinated with the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Scholars Doubtful About Metal Plate Documents' AuthenticitySubscriber Access Only
"More significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls"? It's very unlikely.
Bombshell Theory: Israeli Scholar Who Questions Essenes' Existence Doesn't ExistSubscriber Access Only
Claim “has shaken the bedrock of biblical scholarship.”
'Dead Sea Scrolls on Stone'Subscriber Access Only
Prof says first-century tablet tells of messiah who will die and rise.
Asking the Wrong QuestionsSubscriber Access Only
An exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls sheds some light on the manuscripts and their origins, but too many scholars blur the line between fact and theory.
The Dead Sea Scrolls UnrolledSubscriber Access Only
Top Story May 19, 2019
How Palestine Divides Messianic Jews
How Palestine Divides Messianic Jews
The complexity of the situation even presents a challenge to Jewish Christian unity.
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