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부활은 상징이 아닙니다. 사실입니다.
빈 무덤은 하나님의 사랑이 죽음을 이긴 증거입니다. 이 진실은 우리와 무관하게 변하지 않습니다.
If Easter Is Only a Symbol, Then to Hell with It
The empty tomb is evidence that God’s love triumphs over death. That truth endures with or without us.
Christianity and the Camelot Test
David Skeel asks which belief system best accounts for humanity’s great dreams—and failures.
Apologetics Makes a Comeback Among Youth
Youth ministry sees the return of reasons.
America as a Christian Nation? Cherry-Picking from the Past
Christian claims about the United States' origins need grounding in historical fact.
The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the Church
More than in previous generations, 20- and 30- somethings are abandoning the faith. Why?
A Family Affair
What would the church look like if it put we before me?
The Whisper of Grace
The whirlwind of the self is not easily tamed, even by religion.
Love Needs No Reason
One difference between the therapeutic gospel and the liberating gospel.
The Mind Under Grace
Why a heady dose of doctrine is crucial to spiritual formation.
Christ at the Center
Michael Horton says we need to once again let our lives and churches be driven by the gospel.
Lost in Transition
With his latest research on emerging adults, sociologist Christian Smith helps the church reach out to a rootless generation.
In the Beginning, Grace
Evangelicals desperately need spiritual and moral renewal—on that everyone agrees. But what do we do about it?
Death By Deism
No merely civil religion alone can sustain a free republic.
What's Next: Youth
Church Reconnect: What evangelical leaders say are the priorities for the next 50 years in youth ministry.
The Faith of Our Founders
Scholar says diversity of belief did not obliterate consensus on key issues.
Compliant but Confused
Unpacking some myths about today's teens.
Thinking Straighter
Why the world's most famous atheist now believes in God.
Holy Pagans
Could a person be saved without knowing Christ? Among the Indians, Edwards began to wonder.
Curious Mix in the Continental Congress
How Christians and deists worked together in the war effort.

Top Story October 1, 2020

The Balkan Bright Spot in God-Linked Morality
The Balkan Bright Spot in God-Linked Morality
As Americans lead decline in agreeing good values require belief in God, Bulgaria bucks the global trend.

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