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For Third-Party Christians, Some Things Are More Important Than Winning
Meet the presidential candidates who say they are called to the bottom of the ballot.
Democratic Christians Weigh Their Primary ConcernsSubscriber Access Only
The presidential contenders are wooing religious voters. How do the faithful make sure God isn't a political prop?
Praying for Hong Kong Can Be Politically Disruptive—Even in America
Why Chinese diaspora churches remain silent while Christians in Hong Kong take to the streets.
America Needed Spies During World War II. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.Subscriber Access Only
They regretted some of what they were asked to do, but they thought defending democracy was worth it.
A Political Theology of ‘Power to the People’
Democracy is a useful way to organize our politics. Should it organize other areas of life as well?
Hong Kong Pastor Facing Prison Preaches the Sermon of His Life
The Baptist leader, convicted for his role in the Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests, takes the stand with a biblical defense for human rights and civil disobedience.
John Inazu: Why I’m Still Confident About ‘Confident Pluralism’
The past two years have only strengthened my belief that tolerance, humility, and patience can help heal our fractious public life.
How Freedom Became an American Idol
Once a people view themselves as their own highest authority, whatever they most value becomes their god. And that god will rule their nation.
However You Vote, Do It with Joy
A Christian approach to politics frees us from duty or strategy.
Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils?Subscriber Access Only
Even at the ballot box, morality is not relative.
3 Reasons Election Season Is Good For YouSubscriber Access Only
It’s easy to despair over candidates, but we have good reason to celebrate this time in our country’s life.
How Christians Can Flourish in a Same-Sex-Marriage WorldSubscriber Access Only
By many accounts, orthodox Christians have lost the culture wars. How they can live well—not vanish—in a time of retreat.
Vote Like the World Is WatchingSubscriber Access Only
You may think your ballot doesn’t matter. The rest of the globe sees it differently.
Hong Kong Christians Lead Protests for DemocracySubscriber Access Only
As the island city braces for another week of gridlock, faith is in the foreground.
What I'm Teaching My Kids About the Fourth of July
Why we celebrate, even in the midst of a complicated history.
America Does Not Live by Elite Consensus AloneSubscriber Access Only
After World War II, a small cluster of intellectuals determined our cultural values. George Marsden says we need more voices at the table.
Our Position on MissionariesSubscriber Access Only
(Almost) everything you've heard about them is wrong.
Bob Fu Is Alive and ThrivingSubscriber Access Only
The exiled Chinese Christian’s autobiography gives hope for all who suffer persecution for their faith.
After Military Kills 500 Protesters, Islamists Take Out Anger on Egyptian ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Bible Society director: 'Most Egyptians expected the violence. Nevertheless, it is heartbreaking to watch on TV this bloodshed between fellow Egyptians unfolding before our eyes.'
Syria's Last ChanceSubscriber Access Only
As violence surges and diplomacy fails, Christians, Muslims, and Druze advocate for reconciliation and democracy.

Top Story August 8, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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