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An Interview about "Pressing Forward"
David Moore interviews Louis Markos
One on One with John Starke on Having a Deeper Prayer Life
We need a deep, hidden life for a fruitful, public life.
Weekly Meanderings, 11 July 2020
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
O evangelho ocupa o centro do palco em ‘Hamilton’
O musical da Broadway faz sua estréia nas telas em um momento de agitação social, o que faz seus temas de esperança e redenção ressoarem ainda mais alto.
Hagia Sophia Converted Back to Mosque by Turkey’s President
(UPDATED) Orthodox leaders and UNESCO object to famous former church no longer being a museum.
Persecuted Christians Resettled in US Drop Dramatically Under Trump
More Christian refugees were welcomed from 50 worst persecutors in 2016 than in President Trump's first three years combined, according to Open Doors and World Relief report.
Nossa militância deve refletir a beleza de Deus
Ao tentar fazer o que é certo, é fácil esquecer de fazer da maneira certa.
Anglican Property Wins Don’t Put an End to Legal Disputes
Breakaway congregations in South Carolina and Texas continue protracted fight with the Episcopal Church.
The Debate Beneath Our Debates on the Pandemic and the Protests
Our divided responses to national challenges reflect deep divisions on what it means to be human.
Nuestro activismo debe reflejar la belleza de Dios
En medio de nuestro esfuerzo por tratar de hacer lo correcto, es fácil olvidarse de hacerlo de la manera correcta.
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.
Podcasting the Pandemic
Moving from dark places to hopeful answers
그리스도인들이 포옹을 해야 하는 이유
세균에 대한 혐오감을 최대한 이용할 수 있을까? 한 심리학자가 팬데믹 시대에 접촉의 위험과 이점을 논한다.
새로운 다양성에 초점을 맞춘 사중복음 교회
인구 통계학적 변화와 외국인 선교사 증가의 관점에서 오순절주의는 ‘하나님께서 미국에서 하시는 일’을 환영한다.
One on One with Jerry Root on 'The Neglected C.S. Lewis'
What readers of Lewis tend to neglect, are in fact the very books Lewis thought were his best and most important.
Episode 60: Jesus Wasn’t a Christian
Join our team as we lean into a conversation about who is allowed to lead.
Episode 61: How Community Creates Stability
What we are gaining and missing in this season of social distance
Why ‘Ditch the Deli Meat’ and Other Prohibitions Miss the Point of Pregnancy
Childbearing is too often defined by restrictions against vice instead of invitations to virtue.
‘Mother to Son’ Amplifies the Voices of Black Mothers
Jasmine Holmes spotlights the realities black families face.
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America’s Spiritual Pandemic
Assess the needs of your community and congregation.

Top Story July 11, 2020

The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
The Long Obedience of Racial Justice
To bear the image of God is a declaration of dignity that challenges power.

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