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Episode 59: The Superpower of Redeeming Adversity
Our best ‘in focus’ segment yet.
Can We Now Agree that It’s Time to Become a Different Kind of Church?
How are the times changing? Here are four cultural realities which require a different kind of response from the church.
A ‘Sober Curious’ Quarantine Broke My Christian Perfectionism
While researching young adult ministry, I discovered the younger generation had something to teach me about my approach to alcohol.
On Eliza Hamilton’s Faith
You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story-- so let's not forget hers.
Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, and Biblical Ethics
Looking at Marxism and Critical Race Theory in light of the problem of racism in America.
The Generations in Your Church, Part 4: Millennials
Millennials are here and they are starting to take over in leadership roles today.
Episode 58: Don’t Miss the Day
The difference between thriving and surviving
D. L. Mayfield: The American Dream Makes Four False Promises
The writer and activist measures them against the promises of Scripture and finds them wanting.
Our Advocacy Should Reflect God’s Beauty
In the midst of trying to do the right thing, it’s easy to forget to do it in the right way.
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.
Teaching Remotely Is Hard. Studying Jesus Can Help.
Four practical ways teachers can keep impacting their students as they teach through a screen.
Died: Beka Horton, Who Developed Abeka Christian School Curriculum
With her husband Arlin, she rejected secular education and pioneered an alternative that started with student discipline.
How a Reformed Facebook Group’s Private Comments Turned Into a Public Dispute
The social media saga involving Aimee Byrd and Genevan Commons calls for discipline, justice, and restoration beyond “cancel culture.”
Пять уроков о служении евангельских церквей Евразии во время пандемии
Как евангельские сообщества бывшего СССР отвечают на вызов пандемии и как это может помочь глобальной церкви переосмыслить свое отношение к церковным зданиям, молодым профессионалам и преследованиям
One-on-One with John Richards on Race and Justice
My interview with John C. Richards Jr. on how we are doing with race and justice today.
The Gospel Takes Center Stage in ‘Hamilton’
As the hit Broadway musical makes its screen debut in a time of social unrest, its themes of hope and redemption resound all the louder.
5 Pandemic Lessons from Eurasia’s Evangelical Churches
How congregations in the former Soviet Union are responding to the coronavirus challenge can help the global church think better about buildings, young professionals, and persecution.
Podcast | 46 min
Have Pro-Lifers Lost the Supreme Court Fight?
What's ahead for abortion opponents after another frustrating decision.
Les enseignements bibliques « incarnés » chez un responsable évangélique français, suite à une expérience liée au coronavirus
Le Président du CNEF survit au COVID-19 et explique pourquoi il a plus que jamais à cœur de défendre sa foi et les Églises évangéliques françaises. Il explique aussi pourquoi sa mère l’appelle désormais « Lazare ».
Preaching an Unpainted Gospel
The gospel is not mere words we confess, but a life to be emulated.

Top Story July 6, 2020

Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
More than a hundred sites have called off their peak season, while others reduced and reimagined their staple programs.

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