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«Porque tuve hambre»: el versículo que los evangélicos de Brasil no pueden olvidar
¿Seremos recordados por nuestras aspiraciones políticas o por alimentar a los hambrientos?
The Russell Moore ShowEpisode 37|40min
Senator Coons’s Prayer Across the Aisles
Finding common ground in fragmented times.
Encuesta: Las iglesias protestantes hispanas son jóvenes, de primera generación y están creciendo
A medida que aumenta la población latina en EE. UU., los investigadores afirman que sus congregaciones destacan en el fomento de la comunidad y la captación de nuevos miembros.
Sometimes, God’s Provision Is Prozac
My battle with postpartum anxiety challenged the limits I’d placed on how God can heal us.
Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenant Church
Can human sexuality be a nonessential issue for a denomination that seeks to “stand in the center”?
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Why a Big Jesus Ad in the Super Bowl Matters to Christians
Entering a divided cultural moment with a message of unconditional love.
The Slow WorkEpisode 4|42min
Running on Empty with David Ramirez
Limitations on the creative process often produce abundant beauty.
Pro-Life Protestor Acquitted in Federal Case
The case of Mark Houck was one of more than two dozen the DOJ has pursued against pro-life protestors since “Dobbs.”
Report: Jean Vanier’s L’Arche Hid ‘Mystical-Sexual’ Sect for Decades
An independent commission concluded that dozens of women were violated by Vanier and his mentor under exploitative spiritual disciplines.
Is God a Woman or a Man?
Two recent books discuss how our conception of gender relates to our perception of God.
Les études de théologie servent aussi à former notre attention à Dieu
Nous aurons toujours besoin d’institutions de formation pour nous préparer au pastorat.
America’s Brash Grandiosity
Looking to the monarchy can show us the pitfalls of prideful politics.
Les enseignants ne devraient pas être inquiets à propos de l’IA
Les applications d’intelligence artificielle comme ChatGPT nous ramènent à la nature holistique de l’éducation.
José perdonó a sus hermanos. ¿Y tú?
La respuesta del “Soñador” nos invita a reevaluar nuestras relaciones familiares.
Together We Can—and Must—Transform Domestic Adoption Abroad
By changing the way we think about orphan care, we can see children raised in families, not buildings.
A Thai Christian Artist’s Inspiration for Jesus? The Buddhist Temples He Grew Up In
In a significant departure, Sawai Chinnawong grounds his artistry in his own culture.
Under Municipal Regulations, UK Abortion Clinics ‘Safe’ From Silent Prayer
Two British citizens face criminal penalties for violating buffer zones.
Changing the Conversation on Climate Change
Q&A with evangelical organizer Tori Goebel on the difference 10 years makes and how a rising generation of Christians is looking for “avenues for action.”
The Bulletin Episode 11|40min
1,000 Typing Monkeys Can't Be Wrong
Classified documents, Pride Night at the NHL, and ChatGPT.

Top Story February 1, 2023

Sometimes, God’s Provision Is Prozac
Sometimes, God’s Provision Is Prozac
My battle with postpartum anxiety challenged the limits I’d placed on how God can heal us.

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