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Meeting Jesus as a Black Woman in a White City
I asked God to rescue me from a place I hated. He wanted me to stay put.
It’s Not My Daughter’s Job to Teach Me About Women
I’m learning how to rightly respect the opposite sex, not because I had a child but because of ongoing encounters with Christ.
Of Dads and Men
New research shows where to focus if we want to change stereotypes about men.
The Best Gift for Dad This Father’s Day? Diaper Duty
I discovered the deepest joys of fatherhood in the mundane work of domestic life.
The Loving Father Who Judges?Subscriber Access Only
Peter sees no conflict with God’s compassion and his justice.
Why I Continue to Call God ‘Father’
I’m sympathetic to the arguments for female pronouns. But the linguistic alternatives leave behind a profound truth.
The Calling | 36 min
How BJ Thompson Shoulders the Burdens of Other People's MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
A member of Lecrae's hip-hop collective set his sights on something fundamental.
The Calling | 59 min
Andy Crouch: My Work as a Father Will Outlast Any Word I'll Ever WriteSubscriber Access Only
CT's outgoing executive editor looks back on the successes—and anxieties—of his twelve years in journalism.
Give Us This Day Our Daily ChoresSubscriber Access Only
Why even our smallest routines are the stuff of worship.
Paul Doesn’t Care Whether You Like HimSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from 'Paul Behaving Badly.'
What I Learned About Faith from Watching My Father DieSubscriber Access Only
Researchers keep discovering more about humility. My dad’s life already taught me plenty.
How Grandparenting Redeemed Our FamilySubscriber Access Only
This Father’s Day, I celebrate my parents’ choice to move close to my kids.
Stop Assuming Dads With Daughters Must Be DisappointedSubscriber Access Only
Having four girls is not a punchline.
The Violent Side of Jesus' BaptismSubscriber Access Only
And how it helped me discover my Father's love.
New Parents: Your Sex Lives Are Going to ChangeSubscriber Access Only
How healthier expectations for marriage might keep us away from Ashley Madison.
You Can’t Change Your Spouse
But you can change yourself.
A Father for the RomansSubscriber Access Only
To call God our “Father” is remarkable. When we consider the Romans’ understanding of fatherhood, the Christian practice is even more profound.
When It's Hard to Call God "Father"Subscriber Access Only
For Jo Saxton, growing to know God as Father meant a long journey of forgiveness.
The Cosby Show DilemmaSubscriber Access Only
When fictional dads and happy endings get tangled in real-life scandal.
What Not to Say to a Dad With Four KidsSubscriber Access Only
Generalize not, lest ye be generalized
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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