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Understanding our History: How Imperfect Patriots Changed America for the Better
Some reflections on divine providence.
Balm for the Religious-Freedom Lover’s Soul
Steven Waldman’s book helps “complainers” like me regain a sense of perspective.
How Freedom Became an American Idol
Once a people view themselves as their own highest authority, whatever they most value becomes their god. And that god will rule their nation.
Why We Shouldn’t Remove God from the Pledge of AllegianceSubscriber Access Only
What we really need, says Kevin Seamus Hasson, is a different understanding of the ‘God’ our nation is under.
God Loved Alexander HamiltonSubscriber Access Only
But did this particular Founding Father love God?
What We're Really Debating This Campaign SeasonSubscriber Access Only
It's time to acknowledge America's ideals and failures.
America's Founding May Not Have Been Christian, but It Sure Wasn't Anti-ChristianSubscriber Access Only
An atheist philosopher ignores religion’s place in Revolutionary America.
This Thanksgiving, Stop Idolizing the PilgrimsSubscriber Access Only
An evangelical historian teaches us how to think critically about the heroes of our past.
Os Guinness: Liberals and Conservatives Are Getting Religious Freedom WrongSubscriber Access Only
The social critic says a foundational human right really is under threat at home and abroad.
Do the Church Fathers, the Founding Fathers, and Catholic Saints Really Go Together?Subscriber Access Only
Thoughts on the roots of religious liberty as the Catholic Church's "Fortnight for Freedom" comes to a close.
America as a Christian Nation? Cherry-Picking from the PastSubscriber Access Only
Christian claims about the United States' origins need grounding in historical fact.
Who Are Americans?Subscriber Access Only
What Christians contribute to the search for a national identity.
The Evangelical Founding FathersSubscriber Access Only
Remember the concerns of those to whom Jefferson wrote on the separation of church and state.
Church, State, and the Founding of AmericaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Studying pagans, humanities vs. religion, and more.
The Faith of Our FoundersSubscriber Access Only
Scholar says diversity of belief did not obliterate consensus on key issues.
The Founding Fathers' Days of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
The young country often found it needed to turn to God.
Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Whose Independence?Subscriber Access Only
All the Founding Fathers of America celebrated independence, but what the word meant depended on who was speaking.
A Forgotten Founder's FatherhoodSubscriber Access Only
Race, nature, and patriarchy meet in Rhys Isaac's biography of early American diarist Landon Carter.
Hey, John Kerry, WWFFD?Subscriber Access Only
What Would the Founding Fathers Do about the application of Christian principles to American politics? A few cautionary words.
Curious Mix in the Continental CongressSubscriber Access Only
How Christians and deists worked together in the war effort.
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”
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