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How PEPFAR Galvanized Christians in the Fight to Eradicate AIDS
And why advocates say US commitment to the cause cannot let up now.
Billy in the Oval Office: A Story of Faith, Friendship, and Temptation
Journalist Nancy Gibbs recalls Graham's relationship with six decades of American presidents.
What Iraqi Christians Want the American Government to KnowSubscriber Access Only
What are the history and political priorities of this tiny minority community?
Why Reinhold Niebuhr Still Haunts American PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
The Christian political theologian continues to inspire—and confound—those on the right and the left.
Billy Graham's Record Grows (Again) as 'Most Admired Man' in AmericaSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Out of 11 famous men, evangelist ties Bill Clinton in 2013.
George W. Bush Helps Messianic Jews Make MoneySubscriber Access Only
But former president's Jewish advisor sees 'bigger problems' than today's fundraiser.
The Seven Wikipedia Topics More Controversial Than JesusSubscriber Access Only
Researchers identify one prophet, one sport, one country, and one former U.S. president.
Was the Bush Faith-Based Initiative a Failure?Subscriber Access Only
Civil Religion's Sharper TeethSubscriber Access Only
All believers welcome, so long as they aren't religious.
In Over His Pay GradeSubscriber Access Only
When science is made 'apolitical' and 'unencumbered by religion,' it's usually to hyper-politicize and hyper-sacralize it.
Bush's Faith-Based LegacySubscriber Access Only
Key policies at home and overseas will help victims of poverty and disease for years to come.
U.S. Christian Leaders Protest Anti-Christian Violence in IndiaSubscriber Access Only
Open letter to George W. Bush urges diplomatic action.
Pope Benedict Goes to WashingtonSubscriber Access Only
Pope's U.S. visit is expected to strengthen evangelical-Catholic relationship.
Q&A: Peter WehnerSubscriber Access Only
Wehner, the former director of the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives and deputy assistant to the President, joined the Ethics and Public Policy Center in August as a senior fellow.
Bush's 'Theological Perspective'Subscriber Access Only
U. S. presence in Iraq is 'allowing for the inevitable to happen.'
Bush's HeresySubscriber Access Only
His hope for Iraq is "more of a theological perspective," he says.
Bush Discusses Iraq and AIDS With Pope in First MeetingSubscriber Access Only
At Easter message, Benedict XVI had lamented, "nothing positive comes out of Iraq."
For Museum's Opening, Former Presidents, a Talking Cow, and Gobs of GrahamSubscriber Access Only
"He doesn't want attention to go to him. And yet it just does."
Wallis Calls Bush Plan 'Criminal'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Dallas Morning News shuts its religion section, House vote on stem cells won't beat veto, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Blinded by Bush?Subscriber Access Only
David Kuo defends 'Tempting Faith' and responds to allegations of naivete.

Top Story July 15, 2020

The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
An avid walker explains why walking is good for spiritual growth.

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