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Humoring the President Was Not Harmless
As a little leaven works through a loaf, indulging deceit led to disaster at the Capitol last Wednesday.
A Coup
As America struggles to comprehend what just happened
Like Preacher-Politicians Before Him, Senator Raphael Warnock Will Keep His Pulpit
The Ebenezer Baptist pastor becomes the latest in a line of African American ministers in Congress.
Evangelicals in Congress Prefer Generic Labels
Baptists, nondenominational Christians, and Pentecostals are underrepresented on Capitol Hill, while the “other” category continues to grow.
A Christian Approach to Social Justice Is Slow, Careful, and Self-Reflective
Thaddeus Williams asks good questions about contemporary zeal for change. But there are questions to ask of his critique as well.
Hungary Amends Constitution with Traditional Definition of Family
The legal changes explicitly promote “Christian culture” while barring LGBT adoptions.
Quick to Listen | 1 hr 4 min
Does the Death Penalty Bring Justice for Victims and Their Families?
The Trump administration is moving forward with executing a record 13 people. Will this accomplish what it hopes?
Political Riptides Rip Us Apart
A religious undercurrent mandates we stay calm and not panic as cultural oceans roil.
QAnon, Conspiracies, and Discipling the Way Out
Reflections on my recent article for USA Today
Goodbye Christ. I’ve Got Justice Duty.
Justice without Jesus is just us—and it's not the answer.
White House Administration Equips Faith Leaders with Tools in the Rural Addiction Crisis
Addressing addiction in rural America with the Director of the ONDCP.
QAnon Is a Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
There’s nothing sheepish about this insidious internet demon.
J.I. Packer: The Bible’s Guide for Christian Activism
Trying to improve society is not worldliness but love.
The Wise Way to Use ‘Smart’ Tools During a Pandemic
Artificial intelligence can be helpful in fighting COVID-19. But there are ethical worries that cry out for Christian reflection.
Grace in the Garden
Morality as given by God is sown in the hearts of all people.
Growing Young and Growing Old: The Legacies of John Lewis and J.I. Packer
The maturity of youth and the vibrancy of age both serve the true needs of our day.
Where Two or More Are Gathered, the First Amendment Should Protect Them
Why voluntary organizations deserve the same rights to speech, religion, and assembly as individuals.
An Appeal Letter to Governor Pritzker from Illinois Faith Leaders and Churches
Governors care about the people; so do church leaders. We need to work together.
Where Do White Evangelicals Get Their Coronavirus News? The White House
While most agree with the response from public health officials, confidence in the Trump administration outweighs the news media.
Religious Liberty as Bondage
Freedom can be another word for everything to lose.

Top Story January 15, 2021

Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Are the 81 Percent Evangelicals?
Just because people claim the name shouldn’t automatically imply they heed what it means.

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