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How Universalism, ‘the Opiate of the Theologians,’ Went Mainstream
Michael McClymond decries the rising popularity of an idea Christians have rejected for most of church history.
Who Worries About Hell the Most
Baylor researcher: “If you believe in a harsher form of hell, you’re pretty sure you’re not going there.”
Kevin DeYoung: Stop Feeling So Good About the Sixth CommandmentSubscriber Access Only
You and I have a murder problem, even if we're 100-percent murder-free.
Wrestling with EternitySubscriber Access Only
For many, predestination is a struggle to accept; for Paul, it’s a doctrine of love.
War Is Hell. But It Can Be Heaven.Subscriber Access Only
Why soldiers crave the extremes of active duty.
Why We're Hooked on Heaven and HellSubscriber Access Only
What pop culture's afterlife obsession tells us about ourselves.
Using (and Abusing) Hell as a Political MotivationSubscriber Access Only
How the threat of eternal punishment stirred moral and spiritual urgency in early America.
The Urgent Mission, a Devotional from J.D. Greear
Some estimate that there are 3 billion people who have little to no access to the gospel.
Q&A: Billy Graham's Warning Against an Epidemic of 'Easy Believism'Subscriber Access Only
The evangelist speaks to CT on obedience, Heaven and Hell, and his My Hope campaign.
Do All Children Go to Heaven?Subscriber Access Only
Reconciling original sin and death of the innocent.
The Westboro Baptist in All of UsSubscriber Access Only
Granddaughters who left offer a cautionary tale for zealots.
Movie PurgatorySubscriber Access Only
'Hellbound?,' seemingly bound to fail from the beginning, never takes a stand on the issue.
The Evangelistic Question That DiedSubscriber Access Only
Fewer people are thinking about whether they will go to heaven after death.
My Top 5 Books On HellSubscriber Access Only
Picks from Robert Peterson, co-editor of 'Is Hell for Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven?'
Q&A: Francis Chan on Rob Bell and HellSubscriber Access Only
Why 'Erasing Hell' was his most difficult book, how 'Love Wins' prompted repentance, and whether 'Believe in Jesus or you'll go to hell' is good news.
More Thoughts on Hell
Q& A: Will Graham on Preaching Hell and Why He Doesn't Believe in Mass EvangelismSubscriber Access Only
The son of Franklin Graham and the grandson of Billy Graham discusses his family and ministry.
Rob Bell's Bridge Too FarSubscriber Access Only
The controversial pastor raises crucial questions, but offers answers that may sabotage his goals.
Heaven, Hell, and Rob Bell: Putting the Pastor in ContextSubscriber Access Only
He's not the first to try to resolve old biblical tensions in new ways.
Top Story July 23, 2019
How Can So Many Pastors Be Godly and Dysfunctional at the Same Time?
How Can So Many Pastors Be Godly and Dysfunctional at the Same Time?
Illuminating the blind spots in most approaches to spiritual formation.
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