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Study: Clinton Voters Much More Likely to Leave Evangelicalism than Trump Voters
How political divides impact religious affiliation and attendance.
Make American Politics Hopeful Again
How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates.
Stephen Mansfield: Why So Many Conservative Christians Wanted a ‘Pagan Brawler’ in the White HouseSubscriber Access Only
And how their choice of Trump has affected the church since last year’s election.
CT’s Top 10 Election Articles of 2016Subscriber Access Only
Here's our political news, analysis, and opinions that readers read most.
Top 10 Stats Explaining the Evangelical Vote for Trump or Clinton
(UPDATED) These surveys suggest how—and why—evangelicals will split more than usual in 2016 election.
Despite Mike Pence, Most Evangelical Pastors Are Not Ready to Vote Trump
Almost half remain undecided, with pastors split over which candidate characteristic is most important.
Where Kids Get Their Political ViewsSubscriber Access Only
In a heated election, Christian parents can model a measured response.
Ron Sider: Why I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton Subscriber Access Only
This election, there are only two meaningful choices for president. Why one is the far wiser choice.
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James Dobson: Why I Am Voting for Donald TrumpSubscriber Access Only
The founder and president of Family Talk explains why his decision centers on the future of the Supreme Court.
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Sho Baraka: Why I Can't Vote for Either Trump or ClintonSubscriber Access Only
Both candidates fail to address the heart concerns of black evangelicals like me.
Clinton, Trump, or Neither? 3 Views on the 2016 Presidential ElectionSubscriber Access Only
Ron Sider, James Dobson, and Sho Baraka make the best Christian case for each choice.
Pew: More Sermons Endorse Clinton
Fewer pastors are politically engaged this election; fewer still are speaking for Trump from the pulpit.
In a Trump v. Clinton Election, Should Character Matter?
Historian John Fea on how Americans’ understanding of morality has evolved and how your view of government affects your answer.
Goodbye, God Gap: Trump and Clinton Have Churchgoers Unusually SplitSubscriber Access Only
Plus here's what we know about evangelical Democrats.
Pro-Life Democrats Struggle with Clinton Challenging Status QuoSubscriber Access Only
Hyde Amendment joins Johnson Amendment in no longer being sacrosanct.
The Deep Roots of Our Hillary Hostility
A Clinton biographer and #NeverTrump third-party voter on why evangelicals are #NotWithHer.
Why Neither Candidate Has Hispanic Christians Convinced This Election
Leading evangelical explains how both Trump and Clinton fall short.
Pew: Most Evangelicals Will Vote Trump, But Not For Trump
With half of voters dissatisfied with both presidential candidates, white evangelicals primarily plan to oppose Clinton.
Why Voting for a Third Party Shouldn’t Ease Your ConscienceSubscriber Access Only
Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile on why he’s not abstaining from the polls this year and will vote for a candidate he doesn’t support.
Trump, Clinton, or Neither: How Evangelicals Are Expected to Vote
(UPDATED) More data on the question debated by Russell Moore, Robert Jeffress, and many others.
Top Story July 23, 2019
How Can So Many Pastors Be Godly and Dysfunctional at the Same Time?
How Can So Many Pastors Be Godly and Dysfunctional at the Same Time?
Illuminating the blind spots in most approaches to spiritual formation.
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