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The Prophetic Voice of Hong Kong’s Protesters
The political forces in the region also pose an existential threat to the church.
The Christian Backstory of Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Protests
How the church played a role in the fight for voting rights. 
Hong Kong Pastor Facing Prison Preaches the Sermon of His Life
The Baptist leader, convicted for his role in the Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests, takes the stand with a biblical defense for human rights and civil disobedience.
Nury VittachiSubscriber Access Only
The Asian columnist employs subversive humor amid religious and government tensions.
Enoch HoSubscriber Access Only
Designer creates stunning minimalist fashion inspired by biblical themes.
Hong Kong Christians Lead Protests for DemocracySubscriber Access Only
As the island city braces for another week of gridlock, faith is in the foreground.
Why Hong Kong Matters: More Than Politics at StakeSubscriber Access Only
Chinese control threatens the freedom, dignity, and happiness of millions.
China's Deadly LightningSubscriber Access Only
Cult violence prompts pastors to ramp up doctrine—and work with state officials.
Died: Philip Teng, Unanimous Choice to Help Billy Graham Evangelize ChinaSubscriber Access Only
When famed evangelist wanted to take wife Ruth back to her birth country, there was only one man for the job...
A Designer Lighting the Way to Justice
Xianyi Wu's solar-lamp company has brought affordable lighting to over 10 million worldwide.
The Second Coming Christ ControversySubscriber Access Only
David Jang has become an increasingly influential figure in Asian and now American evangelicalism. He and his followers have founded media outlets and a Christian college and are key influencers in the World Evangelical Alliance. But many say he leads a group that has encouraged the belief that he's the 'Second Coming Christ.' Is there any truth to the allegations?
Loose LipsSubscriber Access Only
Christians in Hong Kong worry over remarks by broadcaster.
Why We Still Need Christian Colleges
Why We Still Need Christian Colleges
As the liberal arts struggle, we should rally around Christian campuses that still embrace them.
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