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The Art of Holding Your Nose: Negotiation and Dealing with Those Who Foster Injustice
How should Christians engage with the “Ahabs” and the “Rehoboams” of today?
The World Evangelical Alliance: Nurturing Unity in a Diverse World
The World Evangelical Alliance was founded in 1842 on one simple, biblical idea.
The Bible’s Impact on Human Rights
The ideas of human dignity and respect for all didn’t develop in a vacuum.
Hong Kong Pastor Facing Prison Preaches the Sermon of His Life
The Baptist leader, convicted for his role in the Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests, takes the stand with a biblical defense for human rights and civil disobedience.
Surprising Places of Witness
The World Evangelical Alliance champions human rights and religious freedom within the United Nations.
Advocate for the Unborn by Caring for the Living
Caring for women and protecting babies don’t need to be mutually exclusive.
Why Human Dignity Is a Gospel Issue
Jesus' message was coupled with the restoration of God-given human dignity — their Imago-Dei.
World Vision Forced Out of Pakistan After 13 Years
The country loses an estimated $130 million in aid by expelling 18 international charities.
Should Christians Trust Saudi Crown Prince’s Promises of Reform?
Things may be getting better for religious minorities, but MBS’s promises of countrywide reform ring hollow.
One-on-One with Daniel Darling on ‘The Dignity Revolution’
What does it look like to reclaim God's rich vision of humanity in a world that is increasingly asking what it means to be human?
Is Your Notion of Human Dignity Too Narrow?
Why “life issues” aren’t the only issues that pivot on what it means to bear God’s image.
Why Christian Charities Help People in Controversial Countries
World Vision’s CEO on why ending poverty requires working in states with mixed human rights records and failing governments.
The Calling | 47 min
For Carl and Karen Ellis, Renewing Your Culture Starts with Knowing Your HistorySubscriber Access Only
According to both theologians, looking to the past can remind us of God's present faithfulness.
Tampons Are a Justice IssueSubscriber Access Only
While reporting in sub-Saharan Africa, I discovered the 'period problem' and why solutions are tough to come by.
Refugees Aren’t Skittles. Should Their Religion Affect Their Entrance to the US?
More than 10,000 Syrians entered the US this year. Why are less than 150 of them Christian?
The Real Cost (and Power) of Seeking Justice
The murder of Willie Kimani can rally the global Body of Christ for an end to impunity.
China Frees Lawyer Who Defended 100 Church CrossesSubscriber Access Only
Zhang Kai gave what advocates deem a forced confession on state TV last month.
Abortion by Dismemberment Banned in KansasSubscriber Access Only
Surge in pro-life legislation in states enters fifth year.
Life Together, AgainSubscriber Access Only
After Hobby Lobby, vibrant corporate life is needed more than ever.
China Frees Gao Zhisheng: Top 10 Lawyer Now Country's Persecuted 'Conscience'Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) China watchers worry Christian human rights activist will be subject to house arrest.

Top Story May 31, 2020

The Revolution Will Not Be Videoed
The Revolution Will Not Be Videoed
What Paul and Silas might have said about George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and and and …

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