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Running to Trust God
Kelly Edmiston talks about conversing with God on her run.
Breaking Cycles
In the power of the resurrection cycles of poverty and addictions can be broken.
Roe v. Wade: CT's Response Over the Decades
Highlights from our archives.
Sorry, James and David: Silas and Obadiah Are Today’s Trending Bible Names.
Weird biblical names are on the rise. What’s behind the trend?
Should Church Planting Be Done Through People or Through Churches?
In today’s churches, we place more of an emphasis on church planting through people than we do church planting through churches.
Enter to Win a Bundle of My Books
A Bible study program that focuses on following Jesus.
Some Thoughts on Dr. King
Ruth Tucker reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
20 Truths for ‘Unburdened’ by Vance Pitman
“The primary call on my life is not to do something for Jesus; the primary call on my life is to be with Jesus”
Abortion Regret Isn’t a Myth, Despite New Study
What women may refuse to disclose to researchers at a clinic, they’re confessing in Bible studies decades later.
Your Church Needs Boomers
How a hyper-focus on “attracting the young” can sideline the aging faithful.
Supreme Court Reconsiders State Bans on Public Funding for Religious Schools
Could a Montana school choice case be the end of Blaine amendments?
What This Aboriginal Christian Wants to Tell the Church About the Australia Fires
Why the unprecedented natural disaster is an opportunity to start listening to indigenous voices.
The Old Testament and Holy War Texts
Texts in the Old Testament about holy war and war rape continue to challenge evangelical thinking.
Nous, le un pour cent des chrétiens, présentons nos excuses aux quatre-vingt-dix-neuf autres pour cent de chrétiens
Vous, les 99 %, n'existez pas pour aider les professionnels du ministère à accomplir le Grand Mandat missionnaire. C’est nous qui existons pour vous aider à le faire.
Boko Haram Executes Pastor Who Turned Hostage Video into Testimony
(UPDATED) Beheaded Brethren leader taken captive in Nigeria said he was at peace with death because Jesus “is still alive.”
Why Has Evangelism Declined?
Instead of starting with our questions, we should start where people are and walk them to the gospel.
More Non-Evangelicals Are Calling Themselves Born Again
A growing share of mainline Protestants and Catholics have taken on the once-distinctive label over the past three decades.
Christianity Tomorrow
What happened with the Mark Galli editorial is a precursor of evangelicalism to come.
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining Denominations
US Religion Census Maps Changing Churches, Declining DenominationsSubscriber Access Only
The 2020 project shows shifting complexity of organized religion.
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