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Should Evangelism Be the Highest Priority of Christians at Work?
Experts weigh in at the Lausanne Movement’s Global Workplace Forum.
US Continues to Condemn China’s ‘War on Faith’
A new State Department report notes some “good news,” like improving conditions in Uzbekistan, though the list of worst religious persecutors remains largely unchanged.
A Political Theology of ‘Power to the People’
Democracy is a useful way to organize our politics. Should it organize other areas of life as well?
What Psychology Offers Christians Amid Political Polarization
Scholars describe the difficulties and benefits of humility, but Christ offers an example.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 7 - Add In Order to Multiply
There are three elements of addition that must undergird any church that wants sustainable multiplication.
My Church Seems Healthy, But It’s Not Growing! What’s Wrong?
“All healthy things grow” is not a Bible verse or a command. We have to stop acting like it is.
Prayer & Polarization
Amid societal polarization, American churches are dedicated July 7th to pray for the country.
Bibles Threatened by US Trade War with China, Christian Publishers Warn
HarperCollins, Tyndale, and others warn Trump administration that 25-percent tariff hike will make God’s Word harder to get—and could cause some translations to be discontinued.
When Mary Holds Their HandSubscriber Access Only
Muslims love the mother of Jesus. But can she be a bridge to Christianity?
Is the World's Next Missions Movement in Ethiopia?Subscriber Access Only
Ethiopian churches no longer want to be on the receiving end of the Great Commission.
Gleanings: July/August 2019Subscriber Access Only
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our July/August issue).
The Key to This Church Planting Network’s Success? Start Big, Stay BigSubscriber Access Only
The Association of Related Churches (ARC) focuses on a non-competitive spirit and strategic growth.
I Befriended Bart Ehrman by Debating HimSubscriber Access Only
I’ve been blessed by my friendships with debate opponents, despite strong disagreements.
The Gleaner’s EdgeSubscriber Access Only
How an Old Testament practice can transform the way we do business today.
When Christians Don't Get a Second ChanceSubscriber Access Only
Most evangelicals want America's criminal justice system to offer it. But immigrant Christians like Detroit's Chaldeans don't get one.
One-on-One with Tim Harlow on ‘What Made Jesus Mad?’
“The issue that always made Jesus mad was when humans got in the way of God’s love.”
Our July/August Issue: No Shadow UnlitSubscriber Access Only
We can lament the dark. But don't miss the light.
What Billy Graham Taught MeSubscriber Access Only
The humble heroism of everyday faithfulness.
Faith Like an Olive TreeSubscriber Access Only
What Israel’s most famous plants taught me about spiritual growth.
The Problem with ‘Church, Submit to Your Pastor’
When pushing our agenda keeps us from empowering others, we miss the point of leadership.
Top Story June 25, 2019
Bible Translation Is Preserving Endangered Languages
Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages
While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation efforts bring new life to threatened tongues.
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