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Forrest Frank Is Making the Internet’s Vibiest Christian Music
His upbeat hits and worship collaborations are capturing younger listeners on social media.
The Loosening of American Evangelicalism
Long-standing norms against drinking, tattoos, and Catholic-coded church practices have rapidly fallen. What’s going on?
Being HumanEpisode 18|36min
The Expectation Gap
Exploring the space between what we believe about God and what we experience from God.
Don’t Skip Chronicles in Your Bible Reading Plan
What we can learn from the chronicler’s stories about the kings of Israel.
The Church Fathers Belong in Creation Debates. But Handle Them with Care.
We can humbly seek their wisdom without treating them as mascots for one position or another.
AI Preachers and Teachers? No Thanks, Say Most Americans.
American Bible Society study finds majority don’t trust technology with spiritual matters.
A New Era of AI Is Here, and the Church Is Not Ready
In the uncanny valley of the shadow of data, we should fear no evil—and prepare for a very different future.
Billy Graham’s US Capitol Statue Unveiled
The late evangelist is one of just four Americans who have received the nation’s three highest congressional honors.
今日的な意味で「謝罪」しないとしても、それは聖書には悔い改めの表現が 豊かにあるからだ。
Por que defender sua fé, se você vive no continente mais cristão do mundo?
O livro Apologetics in Africa [Apologética na África] oferece recursos para crentes e céticos de um contexto em que a igreja continua, em grande parte, despreparada para responder aos ataques à sua fé.
The Bulletin Episode 83|57min
Clergy on the Rocks
AI priests, a polarized church, and women and alcohol.
“Venham a mim os cristãos culturais”
O mundo está percebendo outra vez os benefícios tangíveis da nossa fé. E esta é uma oportunidade para o evangelho.
«Я знав, що мені дорого обійдеться моя віра»: відсидівши сім років у китайській в’язниці, місіонер нарешті вийшов на волю
Джон Саньцян Цао розповідає, як переписані вручну біблійні вірші, молитва та любов матері підтримували його під час ув’язнення.
«Я знал, что мне дорого обойдется моя вера»: отсидев семь лет в китайской тюрьме, миссионер наконец-то вышел на свободу
Джон Саньцян Цао рассказывает, как переписанные вручную библейские стихи, молитва и любовь матери поддерживали его во время заключения.
A igreja na era dos transtornos mentais
De que modo lidamos com problemas como ansiedade e depressão e o que podemos fazer para melhorar no cuidado das pessoas.
Police Officers Are Burning Out. Can Chaplains Help?
Spiritual care is essential as stressors among law enforcement rise.

Top Story May 20, 2024

Forrest Frank Is Making the Internet’s Vibiest Christian Music
Forrest Frank Is Making the Internet’s Vibiest Christian Music
His upbeat hits and worship collaborations are capturing younger listeners on social media.

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