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Pastors & Burnout: A Personal Reflection
I have felt the heat of burnout in my own experience (31 years of pastoral ministry in three churches).
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Responses to our October issue.
From Foreigner to Family Member
By visiting local ICE detainees, a Denver church learned the power of faithfully showing up.
The Christian Roots of the Fair Trade MovementSubscriber Access Only
Beneath the buzzwords around sustainability, transparency, and ethical sourcing we find something far more important than consumerism: Christ-centered love for our neighbors.
Old Testament Law Is a Gracious Invitation to Intimacy with GodSubscriber Access Only
Why believers shouldn’t throw it away out of embarrassment.
New & Noteworthy BooksSubscriber Access Only
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Jesus Cares About Your Conspiracy TheorySubscriber Access Only
By understanding the world of Scripture, we can understand how to approach conspiracies today.
The Gospel According to Mark (Galli)Subscriber Access Only
Lessons from CT’s editor in chief.
The Georgia Legislature Endorsed Bible Classes. Twice. Why Aren’t Schools Teaching Them?Subscriber Access Only
Despite growing push to put the Bible in classrooms, the politics have only a minor impact on classrooms.
How a Minnesota Monk Saves Middle East Manuscripts and Testifies to God’s ProvidenceSubscriber Access Only
Columba Stewart says preserving Muslim texts is "part of the work of evangelism."
Divine Facial RecognitionSubscriber Access Only
The Incarnation gave us a God we could recognize and know.
Theologians: Don’t Lose Sight of Theology’s Most Basic TaskSubscriber Access Only
Students and teachers alike need to remember the difference between knowing theology and knowing God.
The First ChristianSubscriber Access Only
Mary’s preeminent example as a Christ follower neither began or ended at Christmas.
In the Bus Station, You Fed MeSubscriber Access Only
While Congolese asylum-seekers make a desperate journey north, a scrappy network of Christians answers the call to help.
When Restoration HurtsSubscriber Access Only
Christian counselors grapple with how to encourage reconciliation while protecting victims.
All God’s Laws Are Equal. Are Some More Equal Than Others?Subscriber Access Only
Why Jesus doesn’t give a straightforward answer to questions about the greatest commandment.
In Kolkata as It Is in SuburbiaSubscriber Access Only
How CT can cast a global vision.
Gleanings: December 2019Subscriber Access Only
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We ThinkSubscriber Access Only
Grace does not sabotage the pursuit of righteousness but empowers it.
I Was a Theological Drifter, Then a Reform Jew, Then an Orthodox Jew
How I finally crossed the road to Christ.
The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers
The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers
‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ taught us to love—not fear—our neighbor.
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