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8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 2 - Taking Spiritual Responsibility for Your Jerusalem
The second key to multiplication is to take responsibility for our place.
Blessed Through Israel: How Guatemala’s Evangelicals Inspired Its Embassy Move
As Pentecostalism rises in Latin America, so does spiritual and political support for the Holy Land.
Holy Sepulchre Will Reopen After Jerusalem Suspends Church Tax Grab
Leader of Christian-Jewish reconciliation ministry explains the standoff.
Jerusalem Christians Unite ... to Close Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Against centuries of precedent, Holy City authorities pursue $186 million in church taxes.
Should Christians Care if America’s Embassy Is in Jerusalem?
What is the significance of Israel's capital for believers today?
Why Two Tombs Compete for Jesus' BurialSubscriber Access Only
Historic renovations at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre won't change some Protestants' preference for the Garden Tomb.
Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2015Subscriber Access Only
A glimpse at the important excavation work revealed this year.
The Holy Land's Hold on the Christian ImaginationSubscriber Access Only
A scholar gets inside the motivations of American believers making the pilgrimage to Israel.
'Price Tag' Israeli Extremists Target ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
‘Jesus is garbage’ graffiti, threat to kill bishop expose anti-Christian sentiment just as Israel prepares to host Pope Francis.
Morning Roundup 2/20/14
Renters in Jerusalem; Dr. William Larkin; Single Life Lies
Has Biblical Archaeology's 'Gold Rush' Found King David's Palace?Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Ruins at Khirbet Qeiyafa are largest-known buildings in ancient Judah.
Archaeology's Rebel: Bible in One Hand, Spade in the Other Subscriber Access Only
Eilat Mazar is unafraid to claim archaeological finds of biblical proportions.
No Place Like a HouseSubscriber Access Only
Affordable units help Middle Eastern Christians stay put.
The Dusty MessiahSubscriber Access Only
Why I no longer believe in a spiritual Jesus.
Divvying up the Most Sacred PlaceSubscriber Access Only
Emotions have historically run high as Christians have staked their claims to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Ghosts of the TempleSubscriber Access Only
Soon after Jerusalem fell, the Roman Colosseum went up. Coincidence?
Building a Holy City Subscriber Access Only
The first Christian emperor inaugurated a new era in Palestine
The Children's CrusadeSubscriber Access Only
They innocently headed for the Holy Land, not knowing they would never return.
The Holy Land: Christian History TimelineSubscriber Access Only
2000 Years in the Holy Land
Reclaiming OrthodoxySubscriber Access Only
1000 conservative evangelicals gather in Jerusalem to reclaim Anglicanism. An interview with Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen.

Top Story August 4, 2020

N. T. Wright: The Pandemic Should Make Us Humble—and Practical
N. T. Wright: The Pandemic Should Make Us Humble—and Relentlessly Practical
We can’t know for sure why it’s happening or how to stop it. But Scripture calls us to grieve with God’s Spirit and get to work serving others.

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