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Our Church Budget Isn’t for Building a State-of-the-Art Sanctuary
I’m a Latin American pastor. Too often, I’ve seen our churches relegating compassion for the community to second place.
The Wondrous Cross: Our Playlist
Music to accompany CT's 2022 Lent & Easter special issue.
Religious Conversion Is Incredibly Personal. But It Also Invites Public Scrutiny.
As a new history of high-profile converts illustrates, those who find (or change) faith can’t opt out of being seen.
French’s Two Words for ‘Hope’ Helped Me Endure the Pandemic
In the midst of uncertain times, here’s what I’m learning from "espoir" and "espérance."
Announcing the Winners of Christianity Today’s First International Essay Contest
Wisdom, perspective, and theological understanding from Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Indonesian writers.
Distinguer entre ces deux mots m'a aidée face à la pandémie
En cette période d'incertitude, voici ce que je retiens de l’espoir et de l’espérance.
El presupuesto de la iglesia no es para construir santuarios modernos
Soy un pastor de Latinoamérica y con frecuencia veo a que nuestras iglesias relegan la compasión por la comunidad a un segundo término.
Domestic Violence Harms Thousands of Brazilian Women. Is the Church Making It Worse?
Despite their good intentions, pastors and church leaders aren’t helping victims find safety.
A violência doméstica afeta milhares de mulheres brasileiras. A igreja está contribuindo para piorar o problema?
Apesar de suas boas intenções, pastores e líderes da igreja não estão ajudando as vítimas a encontrarem segurança.
Sebuah Drama Keluarga Membantu Saya Melihat Kedaulatan Tuhan di Masa Pandemi.
Menyaksikan para tokohnya berjuang di tengah tragedi memberi saya kejelasan tentang karakter Kristus di saat-saat yang menyakitkan dalam hidup.
An Indonesian Family Drama Helped Me See God’s Sovereignty in the Pandemic
Watching characters struggle amid tragedy has given me clarity about Christ’s character during life’s painful moments.
Gov. DeSantis, Let My Ministry Serve Migrant Kids
In preventing care for unaccompanied minors, Florida's governor is interfering with US law and religious freedoms.
Ukrainian Seminary Leader: Russian Invasion Could Send Baptist Churches Underground
Baptists in western Ukraine prepare to open their homes and churches if brethren have to flee the eastern border.
Grand Canyon University Sells $1.2 Billion Debt
Arizona school aims to continue expanding campus and increasing in-person enrollments.
Died: Robert Shine Sr., Black Baptist Leader in Philadelphia
The pastor was “not a kingmaker” but called Christians to see social issues as God testing the church.
Because Christ Did First, I Now Speak Up for Women’s Rights, Too.
If Christ advocated for the cause and protection of women, when will the Church follow His example? This former missionary explores her journey in reclaiming feminism for her faith.
Worthy of His Time
Jerry Falwell Jr. Isn’t a Hypocrite
But the former Liberty president is a cautionary tale for cultural Christianity.
How Bible Scholars and Treasure Hunters Unearthed Modern Jerusalem
They were looking for the past. They created the present.
Anti-Trafficking Ministries Now Fight QAnon Conspiracies Too
Online myths and misinformation are becoming more of a distraction from their work.

Top Story January 28, 2022

Gov. DeSantis, Let My Ministry Serve Migrant Kids
Gov. DeSantis, Let My Ministry Serve Migrant Kids
In preventing care for unaccompanied minors, Florida's governor is interfering with US law and religious freedoms.

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