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Almost No One in the US Believes in a ‘Consistent Ethic of Life’
Pope Francis’ critique of President Trump would apply to 96 percent of Americans, surveys suggest.
Andy Crouch: Stop Engaging 'The Culture,' Because It Doesn't ExistSubscriber Access Only
We should spend more time loving our flesh-and-blood neighbor.
When the Abortion Doctor I Protested Was Killed by a SniperSubscriber Access Only
The shaken conscience of a pro-life activist.
These 6 Books Give Me Hope for a Pro-Life FutureSubscriber Access Only
Leading pro-life advocate Charmaine Yoest chooses readings that affirm the value of life.
Assisted Suicide and Real Death with DignitySubscriber Access Only
Advocates say that choosing when we die is a fundamental right. My late husband thought otherwise.
Pro-Life Christian or Pro-Justice Christian? Yes.
Are Christians supposed to be pro-life or pro-justice? Kelly Rosati shares: we ought to be both.
The Feminist Fight Against AbortionSubscriber Access Only
Hearing from the progressive and pro-woman Christians siding with life.
Chen Guangcheng, the Voice of China's VoicelessSubscriber Access Only
The 'Blind Lawyer' recounts his fight against Communism's corruptions.
The Secret Shame of Abortion in the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
A more public discussion of abortion stories can lead the way to healing.
The One Thing to Tell Pregnant Moms: ‘Congratulations’Subscriber Access Only
No family too big, no mom too young to hear our affirmation of life.
How Abortion Stories Overtook Life EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Anecdotes aren’t enough to determine morality.
Does God Wish Adam Lanza Had Never Been Born?Subscriber Access Only
After his father’s recent remarks, Christians are challenged to remember the value of every life.
Welcome Amy Julia Becker, CT's Newest Blogger
The author of three books and longtime Her.meneutics contributor talks about her hopes for the site.
Men and MiscarriageSubscriber Access Only
I didn’t know how to feel. In many ways, I still don’t.
Abortion Meets a New GenerationSubscriber Access Only
Progressive evangelicals can't tout social justice while side-stepping the sanctity of life.
The Miscarriage SecretSubscriber Access Only
I barely knew anyone who'd had a miscarriage... until I experienced my own.
Abortion Clinics Closing at Record RateSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Reasons vary, but the trend is clear.
The Overlooked Ethics of ReproductionSubscriber Access Only
Why don't Christians see IVF and surrogacy as moral issues?
Embryonic Stem Cell Breakthrough To Revive Cloning DebateSubscriber Access Only
Human cells have been resistant to cloning—until now.
Live Action Releases Undercover Videos to Show 'Gosnell Is Not Alone'Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Employees testify against Texas abortion doctor with allegedly similar practices.
Top Story July 18, 2018
Blessed Are the Slow
Blessed Are the Slow
Scripture reminds us that love—and loving communication—is patient.
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