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Mark Galli: Your Spiritual Dry Spell Is God’s Fertile Ground
Loving the Lord depends less on personal feelings and more on practice, says the former editor in chief of Christianity Today.
La vida en cuarentena según la Biblia
Un buen cristiano debe ser un buen ciudadano, a menos que ser un buen ciudadano signifique ser un mal cristiano.
5 Books That Taught Me to Love the Local Church
Chosen by Megan Hill, author of "A Place to Belong: Learning to Love the Local Church" (Crossway).
The Biblically Quarantined Life
A good Christian should be a good citizen unless being a good citizen means being a bad Christian.
Lay Down Your Ventilator for a Friend
What is a Christian to do when there's not enough to go around?
Coronavirus Calls for Revival of Real Pentecostalism
Despite failures, Spirit-filled theology can show us how to respond to the pandemic.
A Christian Case for Reading Godless Books
Novels like "Girl, Woman, Other" offer something precious: passports to the worlds of unbelievers.
When I Was a Health Risk to Society
My radioactive body brought me shame. But I learned how to bring my fears to the Cross.
Forgive Us Our Self-Interested Love
Jesus’ generous sacrifice calls us far beyond our own inclinations.
God Likes You. He Really Likes You!Subscriber Access Only
Scripture has a resounding reply to our doubts about his longing to be with us.
People are Addicted to Outrage: Four Ways to Walk a Better Path
Rather than seeing our world through the lens of everything that’s broken I argue we should use a lens with four main features.
Moving from a Country Club to a Commissioned Church, Part 2
True church growth transfers people from the domain of darkness into the glorious light of Christ.
God, Relational Love, and Mediation
Douglas Campbell's stunning presentation of God's relational love
Real Love Requires a CommandSubscriber Access Only
Strangers and enemies don't come naturally.
ʻWherever You Are, Be All Thereʼ: Living a Life of Mission
A vision for mission everywhere, at all times, in all ways is one that understands that there is no moment in our day when we aren’t on mission.
The Confessions of a Recovering Evangelist
In a society full of people who would rather speak than listen, people are starving for someone who is willing to offer them their ears.
How Can Shepherds Survive Biting Sheep?
Love of people, purpose, and mission won’t sustain you through ministry's low points.
The Five Heart Hopes: How God Speaks the Love Language of Our Souls
God speaks into the unique longings deep within each of us.
The Power of Biblical Hospitality
Four characteristics that distinguish biblical hospitality from merely entertaining guests.
The School for LoveSubscriber Access Only
Can our church regain its passion for God?

Top Story August 9, 2020

How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
As Christian parents, our children must know we will keep them safe. But that does not mean keeping them comfortable.

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