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The Nazis Persecuted Him. The Soviets Killed Him. Today He’s Barely Known.Subscriber Access Only
James Edwards’s biography recovers the memory of German theologian Ernst Lohmeyer.
Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Christian Doctor Who Heals Rape Victims
Congolese gynecologist Denis Mukwege is on a crusade for women’s dignity.
Died: George Lindbeck, Father of Postliberal Theology
Nature of Doctrine author was a “missionary to postmodernity.”
Died: Robert Jenson, ‘America’s Theologian’
The lifelong Lutheran and ecumenical leader shaped a generation with new scholarship on the Trinity, salvation, and systematics.
Play On: Supreme Court Gives Christian Schools a Big VictorySubscriber Access Only
Trinity Lutheran ruling defends religious institutions from discrimination in certain public benefits.
Lutherans Remember the Reformation Where Germany Committed GenocideSubscriber Access Only
Lutheran World Federation assembles in Namibia for 500th anniversary of Martin Luther.
Neil Gorsuch’s First Religious Liberty Case Is a Playground FightSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals eye how new Supreme Court justice will impact this term’s only remaining church-state case.
Saved from Islam on September 11
As I looked up at the burning twin towers, life-changing words came to me—words I suddenly heard inside my head.
Morning Roundup 7/28/15
Accountability for Sex offenders; Dealing with Criticism; Index of Culture
The Icky Truth about Global Clean Water CampaignsSubscriber Access Only
More people have cell phones than access to toilets and latrines. It’s a global problem that can’t be flushed away.
The Missionary India Never ForgotSubscriber Access Only
In just 13 years and a grand total of 250 converts, Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg changed the course of modern missions.
Is Neutrality Neutral?Subscriber Access Only
Policy changes aiming for unity at two major Christian organizations spark backlash.
Thrivent Declares It Won't Take Sides on Abortion, Gays, or GunsSubscriber Access Only
Three Lutheran synods protest that financial services org deems pro-life groups, among others, a distraction from Christian stewardship and generosity.
Thrivent Suspends All Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Groups from Lutheran Charity ProgramSubscriber Access Only
After one of 1,300 local chapters approves Planned Parenthood affiliate, Christian financial services organization rethinks letting members direct donations.
Witness Walks 'Endless Path of Misery' Left by Super Typhoon HaiyanSubscriber Access Only
More than 10,000 feared dead as evangelical relief workers in Tacloban report devastation in Philippines.
Newtown Interfaith "Debacle" Prompts More ApologiesSubscriber Access Only
Missouri Synod president Matthew C. Harrison: "I increased the pain of a hurting community."
Lutheran Pastor Apologizes for Praying at Newtown VigilSubscriber Access Only
Denomination prohibits ministers from participating in interfaith services.
The Other Iranian RevolutionSubscriber Access Only
In 'godless' eastern Germany, Iranian refugees surprise pastors with their interest in Christianity.
What’s More Important than Church Doctrine?Subscriber Access Only
Can the justices decide an employment case without making religious decisions? Says Breyer: 'This is tough and I'm stuck.'
Tanzanians Throng to Miracle CureSubscriber Access Only
Churches debate healing power of pastor's cure.
How Norine Brunson Prayed When Her Husband Was Imprisoned
How Norine Brunson Prayed When Her Husband Was Imprisoned
Brunson describes the spiritual habits that helped her face persecution in Turkey.
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