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أيها المسيحيّون، دعونا نُساهم في تسطيح المُنحنى، ولكن لِنبقَ "ديانة تهتم بالمرضى"
أطبّاء يتأمّلون لاهوتياً بثلاثة مُساهماتٍ مسيحية فريدة لاستعدادات فيروس كورونا المستجد (كوفيد-١٩)
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Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to US Hospitals
Two Christian bioethicists on life or death issues that American doctors may soon face.
A Christian History of Pandemics
How the church has responded to disease throughout the centuries.
Samaritan’s Purse Sets Up Field Hospital in Central Park
The ministry’s temporary setup will help alleviate the anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients in New York.
Cosa Lutero Ci Insegna Sul Coronavirus
È fedele chi vuole sfuggire a un’epidemia? 
La riflessione del riformatore tedesco sulla peste può fungere da guida per i cristiani in Cina e dovunque il virus di Wuhan si è diffuso.
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Cristianos, ‘Aplanemos la Curva’ Pero Sigamos Siendo una ‘Religión para los Enfermos’
Los médicos reflexionan teológicamente sobre tres contribuciones cristianas distintivas a las preparaciones de COVID-19.
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Hospital Restrictions Bar Chaplains from Ministering Bedside
At a time when patients and staff are desperate for hope, many spiritual leaders must offer their solace from a distance.
Are Church Services Considered ‘Essential’? Depends Where You Live
Several states are offering religious exemptions to restrictions around public gatherings.
It’s Hard to Close Black Churches amid COVID-19
African American clergy respond to pandemic with unique considerations of culture, history, and faith values.
¿Debería Su Iglesia Dejar de Reunirse Para Evitar el Avance de COVID-19?
Un experto en salud mundial le comparte cómo tomaron la decisión tres iglesias de Seattle, y ofrece herramientas para que su congregación responda ahora.
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Christians, Let’s Flatten the Curve But Remain a ‘Religion for the Sick’
Physicians reflect theologically on three unique Christian contributions to COVID-19 preparations.
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After COVID-19 Diagnosis, Sandi Patty Urges Christians to Take Pandemic Seriously
Iconic Christian singer says the new coronavirus is “not fake news.”
20 Prayers to Pray During This Pandemic
As COVID-19 sends the globe into crisis, it also sends us to our knees.
Faith Over Fear? No, It’s Political Ideology that Keeps People Unafraid of COVID-19
Before the coronavirus hit, conservative Protestant churchgoers were least concerned about a future pandemic.
Coronavirus and the Church: CT’s Latest News and Advice
Wisdom from Singapore, Seattle, Korea, Martin Luther, BSF, physicians, and more.
Give Us Clean Hands: Christians Embrace Scientific Responses to COVID-19
Amid the pandemic, NAE president says “the scientific community and people of faith really should serve as collaborators.”
Should Your Church Stop Meeting to Slow COVID-19? How 3 Seattle Churches Decided.
A global health expert offers tools for your congregation to respond now.
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When Following God into Dark Places Reveals the Darkness in Your Own Heart
How shepherding others through messy situations brings our own sin and insufficiency to the surface.
전염병을 피하려 한다면 그것은 믿음 없는 행동일까? 마르틴 루터가 우리에게 주는 교훈
16세기 종교개혁가의 흑사병에 대한 성찰이 오늘 나와 같은 의학도에게, 그리고 코로나바이러스에 직면한 중국과 전 세계의 그리스도인들에게 방향을 제시해 줄 수 있다.
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Craig Groeschel Quarantined After Coronavirus Exposure at Willow Creek Germany
He and fellow Life.Church pastor Bobby Gruenewald are spending 14 days isolated at home after the leadership summit ended early.

Top Story April 3, 2020

When I Was a Health Risk to Society
When I Was a Health Risk to Society
My radioactive body brought me shame. But I learned how to bring my fears to the Cross.

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