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Christian Apps Are Moving from ‘Pray More’ to ‘Calm Down’
New mindfulness resources help users find rest in God.
Our Lives Aren’t Conducive to Prayer. But a Better Way Is Possible.Subscriber Access Only
John Starke gives us a compelling vision of the praying life—and the practices to turn that vision into a reality.
One-on-One with Charles Stone on ‘Holy Noticing’
A conversation about Christian mindfulness.
Richard Foster: Effort Is Not the Opposite of GraceSubscriber Access Only
As he retires from public ministry, the ‘Celebration of Discipline’ author reflects on the heart of spiritual formation.
How Sewing Saved My SanitySubscriber Access Only
I took up quilting as a hobby. I had no idea it would become a tool for soul care.
How We Forgot the Poverty of ChristmasSubscriber Access Only
The Incarnation is not a story we can package or market. It is also the greatest story ever told.
A Psychologist Faces Her Own AnxietySubscriber Access Only
How a therapist who knew it all is learning to let it go.
Has Mindfulness Supplanted Thoughtfulness?
Love always requires sacrifice.
Christ Came to Me in a Drug-Induced Haze
The conversion of an original Jesus freak.
Knowing God Means More than Describing HimSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes, our spiritual experiences can't be put into words.
Joining the Eternal SongSubscriber Access Only
How liturgical prayer is saving our community from burnout.
A Beautiful AngerSubscriber Access Only
The same holy hands that punish the wicked pull the righteous to safety.
Carolyn Arends Contemplates Her Own Death, and YoursSubscriber Access Only
Going down singing: Why we should remember that we will die.
Lent in NarniaSubscriber Access Only
Would C.S. Lewis have renounced Turkish Delight from Ash Wednesday to Easter?
Words That NourishSubscriber Access Only
To read well is to prepare oneself to live wisely, kindly, and wittily.
Changing Forever How You ThinkSubscriber Access Only
Recovering the lost art of Scripture memorization.
Redeeming December Days Subscriber Access Only
Advent prompts a larger, cosmic question: What do I do while waiting?
Happiness Now!Subscriber Access Only
We can grab hold of joy in this life, not just in heaven, says theologian Ellen Charry. A review of 'God and the Art of Happiness.'
Spiritual RhythmSubscriber Access Only
Being with Jesus every season of your soul.

Top Story May 30, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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