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What Do Pastors Need Today? Assessing Our Status in Order to Move Ahead
Pastor, you’re not doing well as you want to be… and that’s ok.
My Experience as a Trauma Chaplain Helped Me Fight Anxiety
Identifying our fears can better help us pastor ourselves and others better.
Darrin Patrick’s Death, His Love for Pastors, and How We Need One Another
Darrin’s death is not the last word on his life. His love for pastors—and his concern for their mental health and thriving—can be part of our response today.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 5: Responding to People in the Church Who are Suffering When We Disagree
When considering the prospect of challenging another person’s beliefs or understandings, especially when he or she is in pain, it is rarely wise to rush in on an impulse.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 4: Supporting Church Leadership and Pastors
When life stressors overwhelm a person’s ability to manage his or her life, he or she will likely break down and may grow sad and anxious.
Prayer in a Pandemic, Part Three
Prayer and proclamation.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 3: Psychology’s Thoughts on the Faith and the Church
Mental health professionals and spiritual directors would benefit in their work from cooperation with each other.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 2: Clinically-Related Thoughts
A panel during the GC2 Summit allowed for a discussion of these topics with several members of the Wheaton College School of Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy.
Resilient Church Leaders, Part 1: Clinically-Related Thoughts
Depression affects all aspects of a person’s life, whereas burnout impacts mostly a person’s work.
11 Self-Care Steps For Leaders Who Are Barely Holding On
Motivation is hard. And comfort food feels so good. But it’s more important now than ever to stay healthy.
When You’re Trying To Lead Others, But You’re Barely Holding On
A lot of people in positions of leadership are working hard to fight off feelings of helplessness right now.
Faith over Fear, Anxiety, and Disaster
Turning to God and others in the midst of hopelessness, despair, and dread.
Lies Pastors Believe, Part Two
Before we look at strategy or plans, let’s first look to Jesus and to what he wants to do in and through us. After all, he led us into ministry, and he can give us the strength and guidance to help us continue, and finish well, no matter how long the journey ahead. 
Lies Pastors Believe, Part One
Pastors are called on constantly to help people fix their lives, because pastors minister to people who are broken. But pastors are broken people, too.
A Pastor Dies By Suicide: Three Things We All Need to Know
As many of us learned of Jarrid Wilson’s suicide, I’m reminded that pastors (and Christians) are not immune, and being honest about that is good for all of us.
Fleeing North in the Full Armor of God
When our church offered therapy to traumatized migrants, we witnessed the healing power of Scripture.
How J. P. Moreland Presented His Anxious Mind to GodSubscriber Access Only
The apologist opens up about his battles with mental illness.
Breaking Church Growth Barriers Will Not Keep You From Crashing
A plea to my fellow pastors: The body of Christ wants you healthy and whole more than we need you to perform numerically.
Mental Illness and the Church: Some Brief Thoughts on Some Ways to Engage Better
People are getting better at talking about mental illness, but there is still a stigma.
When Pastors Are Sexual Abuse Survivors
Childhood trauma can sabotage ministry in sinister ways.

Top Story May 30, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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