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The Hopeful Neighborhood: What Happens When Christians Pursue the Common Good
Living as beacons of hope in the places where God plants us allows us to model biblical hospitality and community.
The Black Church, Explained by Pew’s Biggest Survey of African Americans
In-depth study of the faith of 8,660 black Americans offers an unprecedented snapshot of their congregations and beliefs before COVID-19 and George Floyd.
Why the Children of Immigrants Are Returning to Their Religious Roots
Many second- and third-generation Americans leave the ethnic congregations of their parents for white-led churches, only to come back.
Our March Issue: When Church Is Not ‘Home’
In praise of uncomfortable worship.
Paul’s Letter to a Prejudiced Church
How the apostle’s instructions on the Lord’s Supper speak to multiethnic congregations today.
The Multiethnic Church Movement Hasn’t Lived up to Its Promise
Multiracial churches have not been good news for everyone. What can we do about it?
Christian Parents: You Don’t Have to Protect Your Children from Divergent Opinions
If what we teach them is true, it will stand up to scrutiny.
Rick Warren Apologizes for Saddleback Clip With ‘Demeaning’ Asian Caricature
Asian American Christian leaders reiterate concerns over using stereotypes as punchlines in Sunday school curricula.
VIDEO: Children and Family Ministry at a Distance
How churches can pivot to help during the pandemic.
God Called Me to Encourage Fellow Black Students in White Coats
CCCU Young Alumni Award winner discusses how diversity in medicine improves care for the most vulnerable.
¿Quién ayudará a la generación Z con la ansiedad, la depresión y el suicidio? Los pastores de jóvenes recurren a la consejería.
La nueva concientización sobre la salud mental insta a los ministros a buscar nuevos recursos.
Around America’s ‘Christmas City,’ Rural Churches Left Heartbroken by COVID-19
Congregations in Noel and Neosho, Missouri—one diverse and one mostly white—grapple with the strain of the pandemic.
Some Things Never Change
In the midst of so much change, what does not change? 3 things
The Ministry Must Go On: A Personal Call to Action for Churches
It’s time to push forward in new and creative ways in children's ministry.
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David Swanson Refuses to Check Out
The tough work and incredible blessings behind shepherding a church body in a multiracial community.
Authors and Parents Are Rethinking Ways to Foster Kids’ Love for Scripture
What comes after storybook Bibles?
The City That Never Stops Worshipping
Though some have likened it to Sodom and Gomorrah, New York City has a long history of religious vibrancy.
In Christ, It’s ‘Yes In My Backyard’
Cyprian of Carthage offers caution against the “suburban lifestyle dream.”
Who Will Help Gen Z with Anxiety, Depression, Suicide? Youth Pastors Turn to Counseling.
New awareness of mental health sends ministers in search of resources.
Racial Reconciliation Is Still a Dream for Atlanta Christians
But church leaders think it’s worth the work to address longstanding divides.

Top Story February 26, 2021

Black Church Group Offers Its Best Shot at Closing Vaccine Gap
Black Church Group Offers Its Best Shot at Closing Vaccine Gap
To reach the most vulnerable, leaders say vaccine sites have to set up in hard-hit neighborhoods and let churches spread the word.

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