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Yes, Sometimes We Can Serve Both God and Mammon
My congregation's experiment in using market values to grow our mission.
Michele Bachmann: 'It's High Time We Have a Mother in the White House'Subscriber Access Only
Also, the GOP candidate from Minnesota tells CT about her new church.
Q & A: Tim Pawlenty on Evangelicals and the IssuesSubscriber Access Only
The former governor of Minnesota has announced his presidential candidacy. Here's CT's earlier interview on issues like cap & trade, foreign policy, and whether evangelicals have influence in the Republican Party anymore.
Northwestern TempestSubscriber Access Only
St. Paul college seeks reconciliation amid ongoing identity conflict.
Fire and NiceSubscriber Access Only
Minnesota's Twin Cities are home to a feisty collection of influential churches.
Dispensational DustupSubscriber Access Only
Student dismissed from leadership for 'potentially divisive' beliefs.
Giving SpiritSubscriber Access Only
These 10 cities have the highest rate of residents who volunteer in religious venues.
Should School Workers Be Banned from Off-Hours Counseling?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: National Right to Life kicks out Colorado chapter after Dobson criticism, and many other stories from online sources around the world.
Open Debate in the Openness DebateSubscriber Access Only
It's been centuries since Luther nailed his theses to a church door, but the Internet is reintroducing theological debate to the public square.
Billy Graham a No-Show at Amsterdam 2000Subscriber Access Only
Evangelist, watching from Minnesota, bows out of satellite address, will probably forgo later remarks as well.
EDITORIAL: Uncle Sam Wants Your TithesSubscriber Access Only
Courts should keep creditors' hands out of the collection plate.
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Syrian Christians Brave Insecurity to Stay Behind and Help
Preemptive Love’s Jeremy Courtney says despite the Turkey deal, “This crisis shows no sign of letting up, and we can’t either.”
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