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Why Jesus Couldn’t Do Miracles in His Hometown
The lack of signs and wonders in Nazareth says more about Jesus than about people’s lack of faith.
Real Raisings from the Dead or Fake News?Subscriber Access Only
Falsified resurrection stories should not cause us to discount credible miracle accounts.
4 Reasons to Believe in the Christmas Miracle
Why the supernatural events of this season are both credible and incredible.
Whatever Happened to Gifts of Language, Prophecy, and Healing?Subscriber Access Only
Let’s ask the early church fathers.
Beth Moore: I Found God in ‘Deep Valleys and Difficulties’Subscriber Access Only
The best-selling author and speaker talks about her past and her first-ever work of fiction.
We Believe in Miracles—Just Not on Film
Movies old and new have wrestled with how to depict the supernatural.
Why I’m Not Hoping For HeavenSubscriber Access Only
Jesus’ miracles promise a better fate—including for my daughter, who died at age 32.
Kenya Bans New Churches Amid 'Miracle-Faking Spree'Subscriber Access Only
After TV exposé, attorney general seeks ways to rein in fake pastors.
We Are Not Enough in Awe of GodSubscriber Access Only
Why Eric Metaxas encourages a greater openness to miracles in everyday life.
The CrusaderSubscriber Access Only
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke brings old-time gospel back to America.
A New Age of MiraclesSubscriber Access Only
Around the world, wherever churches are growing, reports of the miraculous are rampant. What do they mean?
Are Parents' Prayers for Miracle Healings Inhumane?Subscriber Access Only
New study in Journal of Medical Ethics draws criticism.
It's Okay to Expect a MiracleSubscriber Access Only
Scholar Craig Keener rediscovers the reality of divine intervention.
Tanzanians Throng to Miracle CureSubscriber Access Only
Churches debate healing power of pastor's cure.
Me? Favored? By God?Subscriber Access Only
The remarkable announcement to Mary—and us.
God's Quiet SignatureSubscriber Access Only
Why the rescue of the Chilean miners was a "great miracle," and what it tells us about Hanukkah.
Hopeless PrayerSubscriber Access Only
What the rescue of the Chilean miners didn't teach me.
Joni Eareckson Tada on Something Greater than HealingSubscriber Access Only
Now facing breast cancer and chronic pain, the author, speaker, and advocate talks about the blessings of suffering.
Pulling the 'Jesus Boat' from the Mud Subscriber Access Only
Behind the sometimes heart-stopping recovery story.
Miracle BoatSubscriber Access Only
The surreal, sometimes comical story behind the discovery of the Jesus Boat.
Top Story June 26, 2019
The Church's Sickness Unto Death
The Church's Sickness Unto Death
Our missional activism threatens to kill us. It doesn’t have to.
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