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Mitt Romney Joins Evangelical Racial Justice March in DC
Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile helped organize Sunday’s event, which drew hundreds of participants.
The Mormon Moment: Let's Not Let It Pass Just Yet
We must lovingly engage our Mormon neighbors for the gospel.
Actually, Evangelicals Were Quite Enthusiastic About RomneySubscriber Access Only
Two new reports shine new light on what happened in last month's election.
Post-Election Fight over the 'Evangelical' BrandSubscriber Access Only
Jim Daly, other leaders want 'evangelical' to be less about politics.
After Election 2012: Living in the 'New Moral Landscape'Subscriber Access Only
A roundup of post-election buzz and responses.
In Defeats, Evangelicals' Political Unity at All-Time HighSubscriber Access Only
In three decades, born-again voters have gone from an even split to 4-to-1 Republican.
What I Will Teach My Children About Our President
My kids don't know much about our president, and I'm glad they don't have to.
The Year Of The Personal EndorsementSubscriber Access Only
Why evangelical leaders who've been coy in the past are now making their picks explicit.
Everything Our Politicians Need To Know They Should Have Learned in Kindergarten
When it comes to civil government and common courtesy, it’s not Obama or Romney who need reminders. The people who need a reminder of putting the common good ahead of self-preservation, a reminder of compromise, a reminder of telling the truth and sharing, are our representatives serving in Congress.
Why Pro-Life Leaders Aren't Worried About RomneySubscriber Access Only
His muted opposition to abortion is necessary pragmatism, they say.
After Romney Meeting, Billy Graham Site Scrubs Mormon 'Cult' ReferenceSubscriber Access Only
BGEA says it wants to stay out of politicized theological debate.
What is Romney's Legislative Agenda on Abortion? Subscriber Access Only
Abortion remains a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign.
The Real Differences Between Mormons and Orthodox ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
And whether they really matter in the presidency.
Are You Watching the Debates Tonight? Will They Talk About What Matters to You?
I don’t think much about tax policy, job creation, teachers unions, national defense, or public health. And I suspect that neither Romney nor Obama spends much time thinking about chores and report cards and rusty minivans. I certainly hope they don’t.
Evangelicals Vote Republican—Mormon or No MormonSubscriber Access Only
Some pundits said evangelicals would never support a Mormon. They were wrong.
Romney vs. Romney on the Safety NetSubscriber Access Only
Romney's remarks at a fundraiser don't square with what he told faith leaders last week.
Where are the Moms in the White House?
Government policy alone will not change the number of mothers in the halls of power. But both parties have an opportunity to couple their rhetoric about moms with policy measures.
'God' on the Campaign TrailSubscriber Access Only
Romney campaigns on keeping 'God' on our coins (and in his heart) after Democratic Party debate.
What Do You Want to Teach Your Kids About Money? (and what do our Presidential candidates teach them?)
What does the election of 2012 teach me, and my children, about economic productivity, hard work, and charitable giving?

Top Story July 14, 2020

The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
The Speed of Our Souls—and Our Soles
An avid walker explains why walking is good for spiritual growth.

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