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In Charleston, Racial Healing Meant More Than Hugs and Unity Marches
As the first anniversary of the 2015 church massacre neared, public shows of support masked private tensions. But cracks were appearing in the city’s segregated silos.
I Marked People for Death. Jesus Marked Me for Life.
How a gang leader found salvation in prison.
Kevin DeYoung: Stop Feeling So Good About the Sixth CommandmentSubscriber Access Only
You and I have a murder problem, even if we're 100-percent murder-free.
I Thought God Could Never Love a Convicted Murderer. I Was Wrong.
How I found eternal life on death row.
No Lie: Americans Still Ascribe to the Ten Commandments
Survey ranks the Bible’s Big 10 on relevance, and looks at the morality of nine kinds of lies.
‘Mindhunter’ Offers a Stark Warning About the Limits of Empathy
Our reviewer says Netflix’s new crime drama is the service’s best show yet.
In 'The Keepers,' Harrowing Crimes Awaken Our Longing for Justice
Netflix's troubling true-crime docuseries wrestles with what happens when murder and abuse go unpunished.
I Found the Gospel in Communist Romania
And then I shared it with the man the government sent to kill me.
A Meditation on the Orlando Shooting
This latest attack is part of a pattern, and the pretext for a remarkable prayer.
I Forgave My Teen Daughter’s KillerSubscriber Access Only
The gospel taught me that forgiveness is not a pardon.
When the Abortion Doctor I Protested Was Killed by a SniperSubscriber Access Only
The shaken conscience of a pro-life activist.
San Bernardino, Prayer Shaming, and a Better Way
Is prayer the appropriate response to yet another mass shooting in the United States?
Getting a Handle on Boko HaramSubscriber Access Only
What we know, and what we don’t, about Nigeria’s brutal band of Islamists.
Forgiving Her Sister's Murderer, Face to FaceSubscriber Access Only
Attorney Jeanne Bishop has helped thousands of clients make amends for their crimes. Now she’s helping the man who killed her sister make amends for his.
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The Morning After the Pentecostal MurdersSubscriber Access Only
Ten years ago, scandal put Sweden’s free churches on edge. Now their prospects are brighter than ever.
What’s the Truth Behind Serial? Only God Knows Subscriber Access Only
Inconclusive storytelling stirs our longing for justice.
Does God Wish Adam Lanza Had Never Been Born?Subscriber Access Only
After his father’s recent remarks, Christians are challenged to remember the value of every life.
Homeland Security Arrests Missionary at Airport Over Wife's MurderSubscriber Access Only
Alabama police chief on pastor bound for three years in Germany: 'If we can’t get Snowden back, we probably wouldn’t get him back.'
Morning Roundup 12/11/13
Help Ronnie Smith's Family; 20 Things About Your Church; Smaller Worship Centers
The Media and the MassacreSubscriber Access Only
True compassion requires turning off the news.
Top Story July 19, 2019
And Now, the Star of the Show....
And Now, the Star of the Show....
How we inadvertently create a cult of personality around our preachers.
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