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How Moving to Kenya Made Me a Less Fearful Parent
Things shifted when I noticed my preschooler handles daily life in Africa better than I do.
Terrorists Target Christians in Nairobi Mall, Killing More Than 60 ShoppersSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Gunmen release non-Muslim hostages, but still holed up in Kenya's capital.
Kenyan Jihadists Target Surprising Recruits: Ex-ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
Radical Islamists are capitalizing on poverty and unemployment to enlist would-be martyrs.
African Pastors Lead Crusade for Circumcision Subscriber Access Only
Religious leaders join effort to circumcise 20 million adult men in fight against HIV.
Constructing PeaceSubscriber Access Only
One Olympic athlete's efforts to build relationships between Sudan's Christians and Muslims.
Post-Mayhem WoesSubscriber Access Only
Tribal rivalries — including Christian-on-Christian violence — hamper healing.
Churches Split Over ConstitutionSubscriber Access Only
Muslim power, social unrest are key issues in the debate.
Journalism for JesusSubscriber Access Only
Christian publications multiply amid new freedom.
Mixing Religion and PoliticsSubscriber Access Only
Churches attempt to overcome constitutional stalemate
Have We Become Too Busy With Death?Subscriber Access Only
As 4,900 people die each day from AIDS, African Christians ask themselves:
Top Story August 24, 2019
America Needed Spies. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
America Needed Spies During World War II. Many Missionaries Were Ready and Willing.
They regretted some of what they were asked to do, but they thought defending democracy was worth it.
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