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New England Cities Named Most ‘Post-Christian’
Barna’s rankings spur pastors in secularizing spots—in the Northeast and across the country—to continue working and praying for revival.
How David Brooks Meandered Toward God
The New York Times columnist hasn’t become a Christian of the “Protestant evangelical variety,” but his latest book offers a fine example of spiritual autobiography.
One-on-One with Jerry Gillis on The Church of Western New York
"Jesus set us up in such a way that it requires his whole body to bring the whole gospel to the whole geography."
New York State Puts Light for Darkness and ‘Celebrates’ Death
The Reproductive Health Act allows for full-term abortions and greatly reduces safeguards of those seeking abortions and the care—and lack thereof—of the babies themselves.
David Jang’s Christian University Charged in $35 Million Fraud Scheme
Manhattan DA’s case involving the former heads of Newsweek and the Christian Post expands to include Olivet University.
One-on-One with Tim Keller about Reaching Skeptics with the Gospel
"If you can answer people's questions and also learn how to question people's answers, that's how you can approach having these conversations."
Longtime Christian Post Publisher Charged in $10 Million Fraud Scheme
Manhattan indictment alleges conspiracy and shady business practices between Christian Media Corporation and Newsweek rescuer IBT Media.
Do Church Plants Drive Neighborhood Change?
Why gentrification seems to correlate with the opening of new urban congregations.
What Tim Keller and Michael Gerson Want You to Know About How America Spends Its Money
“It’s possible for a church with deep resources for doing good to get co-opted by nationalism. I don’t want that to happen now.”
Tim Keller Stepping Down as Redeemer Senior PastorSubscriber Access Only
The influential Reformed leader is moving away from his NYC pulpit as his church becomes three.
Welcome (Back) to the Welcome Wagon
With a new album on the way, this pastor-and-wife hymn-singing duo continues to sing of the simple joys—and struggles—of church ministry.
The Calling | 45 min
Chris Castaldo's Solution to the Evangelical-Catholic Divide
Why the Chicagoland pastor and Protestant 'paisano' says theology alone won't bridge the gap.
Remembering Bill Cunningham, a Fashion Hero for the Rest of Us
The iconic photographer helped me see the human side of style.
Andy Mineo: Rappers Are Missionaries, TooSubscriber Access Only
The fan-friendly hip-hop artist wants to see the church get creative.
Morning Roundup 6/11/15
New York City Is Religious; Bullying Safeguards; Hiring the Right Person for Your Church
Morning Roundup 6/2/15
Pastors' Spouses; Time-lapse of NYC; Getting Attention in the Christian Blogosphere
Morning Roundup 4/7/15
New York Religious Leaders; Millennials and Sexuality; Vet Fights ISIS
Supreme Court Lets Ban on Churches in NYC Schools StandSubscriber Access Only
Bronx Household of Faith gets bad news before Easter Sunday.
3 Reasons Public Places (Including Schools) Should Be Open to Churches
The Supreme Court denied hearing the case involving New York City's right to keep religious services out of schools.
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Scripture and Neuroscience Agree: It Helps to Lament in Community
Through song, liturgy, and communion, the body of Christ inhabits the suffering experienced by its weakest members.
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