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Punk Rock Priests Offer Up Their ‘Parallel Love’ in Music and Sacrament
There’s no other band quite like Luxury, the evangelical indie rockers from the ’90s who journeyed through tragedy and faith to Eastern Orthodoxy.
The Fire This Time: Reflections on a Year of Racial Reckoning
A free webinar on how it has changed us, and where the church should go from here.
Fear the Lord. No Other Word Will Do the Trick.
Even close relatives like “awe” and “reverence” don’t quite capture the passionate intensity of trembling in the presence of a holy God.
A Review
Missions at Bay Area Community Church
Takeaways and learnings from local church visits
Prayer for Your Week
Weekly Meanderings, 15 May 2021
Our weekly selection of links across the web.
Our First Look at How Pompeo and Blinken See Religious Freedom Differently
Four takeaways from this week’s release of the State Department’s 2020 IRF report.
Church Discipline in a Christian Non-Profit? Church Discipline, Part 4
How to apply the biblical concept of church discipline in a non-profit environment.
After Three Lockdowns, Irish Churches Can Finally Meet Again
Pastors gear up to welcome evangelicals back to the “greater glory” of church life following 14 months of isolation.
Quick To ListenEpisode 264
Why Having Babies Is Controversial in 2021
How the church can have a better conversation about the falling fertility rate and society’s changing expectations for mothers.
Surviving in Unarmed War: A Cry for Help from the DRC
Open letter from a 16-year-old
The Messy Middle
CCCU Says LGBT Lawsuit Is Frivolous
Evangelical association names itself as co-defendant to defend religious exemptions.
Just a Bill: Religious Freedom Consensus Rarely Voted into Law
Latest IRF scorecard grades each member of US Congress, as State Department releases annual report on 200 countries and territories.
La carta més estimada de Pau va ser confiada a una dona
Coneguem Febe, la primera intèrpret de la Carta als Romans.
The Pattern and Practice of Church Discipline, Part 3
Church discipline does a body good.
Read God’s Words. Then Write Your Own.
The spiritual discipline of recording our prayers and Bible reading reflections is a practice rooted in Christian tradition.
You Can't Serve People and Still Cling to Your Pre-conceived Notions.
When we put these aside, we find the road to humanity.

Top Story May 17, 2021

Christians Should Be in the News Cycle, but Not of It
Christians Should Be in the News Cycle, but Not of It
How believers can stay up on the day’s events without becoming prisoners of the moment.

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