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500 of Korea’s 1,000 Coronavirus Cases Tied to Shincheonji Church
COVID-19 outbreak prompts 700,000 to petition South Korean president to dissolve apocalyptic movement deemed a cult by Christian leaders.
Global Family and the Coronavirus
God is our refuge in times of troubles, and he is our defender, as well as our deliverer.
Black Theology Sings of Freedom
To be black and to be Christian is to remember the brutality of our experience and the brilliance of our resistance.
25 Black Theologians Who Have Grown Our Faith
Scholars and authors reflect on the significance of African American leaders in the church.
Going Vegan for Lent Can Orient Us to Christ’s Calling
Following church tradition and the Bible could help us steward creation through our diets.
Carmen Joy Imes and the Disruptive Power of the Old Testament
Passion and proficiency subvert the minimizing of female scholars.
Must Pro-Life Mean Pro-Trump?
We have placed too much faith in the political calculus and not enough faith in God’s power.
Christian Convictions Start at the Beginning
Our first commission and second Great Commandment help us avoid politics of fear.
Heed the Humble, Evade the Exalted
Christians can differ in their votes, but the priorities of Jesus seem pretty clear.
Practically, What is Church Planting Preaching?
(The Art of Church Planting Preaching) Part 2
Blessed Are the Cobblers, Recyclers, and Thrift-Store Shoppers
In a world awash with excess possessions, we’re called to see landfill-bound items the way God does.
Mr. Commissioner, Discipline the Players, too.
Those who did the wrong are the ones to discipline.
Report: L’Arche Founder Jean Vanier Abused Multiple Women
Independent investigation found at least six victims were coerced into sex by the celebrated Catholic leader, who died last year.
Remembering and Praying for Nigerian Christians in the Midst of Persecution
While the world has been consumed by news about Iran, China, and conflicts in other regions, militant and extremist groups in Nigeria have waged a campaign of death and devastation against Christians.
Meet the Christian Family Behind Free Burma Rangers
The Eubank family offers food, shelter, and medicine on the frontlines in Iraq and Burma.
Baseball, Trashcans, Signs and Numbers
Why Moses struck out during spring training.
Evangelism Formation: The Gospel—Found in Translation
When our evangelism is lost in translation, it might be time to consider how we can cross the communication divide?
How the Forest Inspired Me to Stay in Church
Church failures uproot congregations. But we're reminded by ecology that strength is found in community connection.
Black History Month: 20 Stories Christians Should Know
Meet the leaders, activists, ministers, and artists who changed the church and the world.
Ex-Christian Post Publisher, Bible College Convicted in $35M Fraud Scheme
The money laundering case left a Christian media network out of business and Olivet University owing $1.25 million.

Top Story February 25, 2020

Black Theology Sings of Freedom
Black Theology Sings of Freedom
To be black and to be Christian is to remember the brutality of our experience and the brilliance of our resistance.

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