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Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Pay attention to the sin of passivity, especially in church leaders dealing with abused women.
Younger Pastors More Likely to Say They Struggle With Mental Illness
Overall, more than half of church leaders have seen members suffer depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.
Anglican Division over Scripture and Sexuality Heads South
After Lambeth conference steers bishops to agree to disagree on LGBT clergy and marriages, African conservatives chart a new course.
From the Archives: Elisabeth Elliot’s Devotionals
A selection of the late author’s CT publications.
New York City’s Largest Evangelical Church Plans Billion-Dollar Development
The Brooklyn congregation and its pastor A.R. Bernard hope the Jane Jacobs–inspired urban village will be a model for other cities.
Alexander Hamilton Raps His Way to Jesus at Texas Church
Unlicensed production prompts cease-and-desist letter from Broadway musical.
Elisabeth Elliot’s Lost Manuscript
While searching through old files, radio producers at Back to the Bible discovered an unpublished work written by the late missionary pioneer.
Pro-Life Ministry in Post-Roe America
Join CT and the National Association of Evangelicals on August 30 for a live discussion on the ethical, theological, and pastoral challenges of life after Roe v. Wade.
Existe uma alternativa saudável para o nacionalismo cristão?
A crítica de Paul Miller à idolatria política é convincente. Já a sua defesa da religião civil patriótica nem tanto.
Le banquet le plus nourrissant qui soit
Comment l’amour du luxe à la française m’a conduite à savourer les Écritures
Patrocinado por NHCLC
Cinco grandes verdades que todo líder de la iglesia hispana en Estados Unidos debe considerar
No creas la mentira de que tu congregación no puede hacer grandes cosas para Dios.
La iglesia evangélica se une en torno a Ucrania en medio de las dificultades
20 grupos europeos sumaron fuerzas para centrarse en ministrar a los desplazados internos.
Died: Stuart Briscoe, Renowned British Preacher and Wisconsin Pastor
As a child, he found the courage to be a nonconformist. As an adult, to trust the Holy Spirit.
Baby Blues: How to Face the Church’s Growing Fertility Crisis
If current rates continue, most religious communities in America will shrink by more than half within three generations. But nondenominational Christianity might buck the trend.
Рассел Мур став головним редактором Christianity Today
Також до нас приєднався Джой Олмонд, який вже давно працює у сфері управління видавничою діяльністю. Він відповідатиме за стратегічне бачення служіння.
Рассел Мур стал главным редактором Christianity Today
Рассел Мур стал главным редактором Christianity Today

Top Story August 11, 2022

Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Stand By Me. But Don’t Be a Bystander.
Pay attention to the sin of passivity, especially in church leaders dealing with abused women.

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