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Pray for the Peace of ‘the Jerusalem of the East’
From Eric Metaxas to Jim Wallis, 90 Christian leaders agree: President Trump’s and Kim Jong-un’s meeting needs prayer.
The Christian Case for Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong-un
The President should go through with his talks—for the sake of three Americans and millions of North Koreans.
Why I’ve Spent Half My Life Helping North Korea
Despite political and military tensions in the region, the director of Christian Friends of Korea is committed to medical ministry.
Confessions of a Christian Prepper
My hope shouldn’t lie in survival skills and stockpiles.
The Use of Nuclear Weapons Is Inherently Evil
No earthly leader gets the ‘authority to do whatever.’
NEW RESEARCH: Should Christians Support Israel? Most Pastors Think So.
What do Americans and Christians think about God's relationship with Israel?
Why We Need JFK's Peace LegacySubscriber Access Only
What Christians can learn from the president's foreign policy achievement of 1963.
Who Will Love the City After a Nuclear Attack?
If history and our own resurrection hope bear out, it will be the Christians.
National Association of Evangelicals Calls for Nuclear Cutbacks Subscriber Access Only
After Japan Earthquake, Groups Question Nuclear PowerSubscriber Access Only
Also, several Christian relief agencies are on the ground.
Many Possible Roads to PeaceSubscriber Access Only
Activists discuss the best ways to achieve peace and freedom, including a radical call to deport all Muslims.
Politics vs. PersecutionSubscriber Access Only
Push for Iran sanctions concerns missiologists.
Remembering Hiroshima RightlySubscriber Access Only
Hiroshima is no reason to reject a nuclear weapons-free world.
Talk to IranSubscriber Access Only
The Christian message is reaching where diplomacy can't.
Spiritual Disaster PreparednessSubscriber Access Only
Will evangelicals show the will to pursue the prevention of a pending threat?
A Merciful White FlashSubscriber Access Only
While despairing of nuclear annihilation, I received an irresistible consolation.
What To Do About NukesSubscriber Access Only
You may not be as powerless as you think.
How to Think the UnthinkableSubscriber Access Only
The lessons of Herman Kahn.
The Fallacy of Missile DefenseSubscriber Access Only
Christians should reject nuclear proliferation, especially when it's proposed of just war.
Top Story July 15, 2019
Who Needs Those TPS Reports? Venezuelan Christians
Who Needs Those TPS Reports? Venezuelan Christians
Churches benefit when the US government shows mercy to groups versus individuals.
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